PowerPoint functions: what they are and where to apply them

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When we work in business or develop as teachers, lecturers or students of any profession at primary or secondary level, it is essential along with other experiences; get closer and get to know some IT tools that will allow us to develop better and achieve excellent results in the work or studies we have, among these tools we have PowerPoint.

Power point is a program that was designed and built by Microsoft, is immersed within the Software application, allowing the possibility to use the user's creativity to process slides with animated images, texts, music and other alternatives, this was invented by the multinational technology company and is one of the presentation programs used today.

PowerPoint tools

With PowerPoint we can create any type of product relating to presentations of slides, documents, texts, notes, diagrams for teachers or presenters on topics of interest both for work and study.

It is used for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS operating systems which they are also used in various fields such as business, education and companies for the presentation of new projects to be undertaken.

This program, which is also easy to understand, can be used to take pictures from the same computer by applying different drawings and animations to them, it tends to become much more surprising and practical than those of Microsoft Word.

This in turn allows you to position the slides vertically or horizontally. It allows you to control the colors and sound we want to give to the elements in each presentation.

There is a possibility that presentations are shared from your computer as a file intended for an e-mail, both computers must be compatible with the PowerPoint program.

It can be used to zoom in on a slide , charts and diagrams by tapping the magnifying glass available for this. You can also check the length of your exposures when presenting your slides.

Even the movies can be included through this program. It is used to put letters in italics, in bold and use underlining.

PowerPoint is a great tool for the designer, allows you to achieve better results at work, as you can apply everything, color, fill, font, shape, size, animation, infinite designs and lines, etc.


It is divided into six parts: notes , slide , font , paragrafo , drawing e modification .

This space offers us options relating to slides, fonts (size, color, shape); paragraph settings and text direction (left aligned, centered, right aligned, justified); insert shapes, modify the style of objects, their position; in addition to the selection panel and searching for text in the document.

To insert

It includes seven sections: tables , images , illustrations , connections , testi , symbols and multimedia .

It allows us to insert tables, images or photo albums, shapes, SmartArt, graphics, hyperlinks, actions on objects or text, text boxes, headings, WordArt, date and time, number to slides, embedded objects, equations, symbols, videos and audio.


We find it divided into three sections: configure the page , themes and background . We can find configuration options for the size, numbering and orientation of the slides; predefined templates for the document, the ability to download others not implemented and even save our custom theme.

In the background section we can choose its style and hide the background graphics included in the chosen themes.

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Ha a preview , which allows us to view the progress we have in the document; transition to this slide , which shows us the transitions available from one slide to another and the effect options. Finally, we have the intervals , where we set the duration time, slide change and sound.


We find a format very similar to the previous tool, but with animations. The preview, for observe the process we are modifying ; the animation part, where we find the different input, emphasis and output options, as well as other effects options; advanced animation and intervals.

Advanced animation contains more complex text / object motion options with more detailed settings and customization possibilities.

Company introduction

It has adjustments with respect to the presentation of presentations. It gives us options begin the slide s , that allows us to customize the playback order of slides, and broadcast our presentation in a web browser.

We also have a configuration section, where we can see the advanced options , hide slides, customize slide recording and rehearsal intervals. We also see a setup to play our presentation on monitors.


This tool is one correction display of progress we have in our paper. He offers us to correct spelling, references and use of synonyms; a language translator with proofreading skills in it; implementation of comments and an option to compare the current presentation with another.


It is a simplified tool in seven sections: presentation views , view pattern , , zoom , color or grayscale , window e macro .

We have slide classification, notes page view, a change to view presentation as reading; layout of the master slides; option to show rulers; zoom in or adjust; viewing the presentation in color or grayscale; options for opening display windows and the list of functional macros.

Format (special tool)

This section appears only when we select a text box or image, because it is a direct configuration to them. In the text part we find creativity options for change the shape, color and style of the text boxes, as well as the text that constitutes them. It also has organization and size options.

On the other hand, in the image tool , we can see the editing settings (remove background, corrections, color, artistic effects, image changes); image styles; organization (position) and size (dimensions, cutouts).

Main functions of PowerPoint tools PowerPoint

One of the features is that you can select the type or design of the slide, if it has a header, blank, with title, color and is in the home tab on the new slide there is an arrow that will allow you to do this.

You can also remove a slide that we want to replace or that we don't need, by clicking with the left part of the mouse on that slide that is no longer needed, you will see several options on the screen and select delete or if not on the left side all the slides will appear and the one we will no longer use will be selected by tapping the Delete button.

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PowerPoint helps us save time and update projects anytime you want. We can use another user's presentation as a starting point; implementing ideas for your projects, use the PowerPoint templates on this site.

This program also has the feature of reordering slides for better results. Align the objects on the slides following the guides, this will ensure that the objects are at the same distance; configure dimensions and organize data tables. Through PowerPoint let's learn how to use SmartAT allows us to create dynamic graphs and diagrams.

It allows you to create a variation of the theme, when you reach the end of the design or presentation and you are not satisfied, you can use a new variation which will change the color or style of the presentation, click on the design tab. Using PowerPoint is something you should add to your daily life thanks to its great utility, don't wait any longer and start practicing your knowledge on this wonderful Microsoft application.

Integrated slide layout

They are templates that come pre-designed and they organize information in a specific way . These are found on the 'Home' tab, in the second section. Where it says "New slide" we find an arrow that brings up a list of available slide templates.

These layouts are based on a very general information organization method that can be adapted to multiple needs.

Change the order of the slides

It is a manual process that is easily performed by selecting the slide we want to move with the left mouse button and, while holding it down, let's drag the slide to the new position that we want to assign them.

Change the size of objects and images

It is a very simple task. We simply select the object or image that we are going to modify with the left mouse button, then a thin box will be shown with points at the corners and in the center of the object; once displayed, we can change its size by clicking and dragging these points.

Load predefined presentations

We have to go to the "File" tab, to the "New" section and we will see a list of templates and themes available . In the templates on Office.com, we find the type of presentation we want to get and click on it.

Once the available preconfigured presentations have been loaded, we select the one that best suits our preferences and a small viewing window will open on the left side of the screen with the 'Download' option; click there and wait for it to download . When the download is complete, the document will open.

Insert objects

To introduce any type of object (shapes, images, videos, audio), DON'T ci just go to the 'Insert' section , let's go to the object we want to implement and select.

Add animations

To add movement to our text or objects, we go to the "Animations" tab and in its "Animation" section we see the options we can implement. We'll just have to select what we want to add a movement to and click on the animation of our preference.

There is also an option to add custom or more complex animations, which we can find in "Advanced Animation".

Organize the tables and add a theme to them

We will go to the 'Insert' section and look for the 'Tables' option; We select the number of rows and columns that our table will have and will be inserted automatically.

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At this point yes will open a Table Tools tab with two sections 'Design' and 'Presentation'; In the first we can see various options for the table themes, among other configurations such as the table style, the insertion of WordArt and the modification of borders.

Add text boxes

This function is found in the 'Insert' section, in its 'Text' section. We look for the 'Text Box' option, which when we click introduces a box into the document where we can write, it also opens the Format tool to edit and configure our text.

How to update projects in PowerPoint with the Slide Master feature

The first thing we need to do is go to the "View" section where we will find an option for "Slide Master", which we will click on. There, there Pre-established program designs will be presented and a window called 'Slide Master' will open at the top, next to the 'File' tab.

In this window we will be presented with a series of options to modify or update the drawings as we wish:

  • We will have the model edition in which we can insert another model designed on the slide, introduce a custom one we created and change the names.
  • In the design of the pattern we find options to insert elements such as content markers, images, text, multimedia, graphics, content, tables, SmartArt or clipart. Similarly, we can mark whether to add titles and footers or not.
  • It also gives us the ability to change themes by changing their colors, text or effects. We can configure the background according to our preferences and also the page configuration (size and orientation).

Alternative programs for making presentations

If for one reason or another you don't have access to PowerPoint or maybe you are thinking of functional alternatives that run systems similar to this program, you can take a look at some platforms, applications and websites that they share functions with this program and, likewise, it can help you create eye-catching and well-designed presentations.

Google Slide

It is a web application that belongs to Google's integrated Office suite. It has a variety of templates, allows you to insert videos, animations and presentations can be easily created . In addition, it allows you to open Microsoft documents in the program and work on them together.

Haiku deck

It comes as a web service or iOS application that works as a great slideshow maker , especially on a visual level. It is a more complex tool than PowerPoint thanks to the its large panel of graphics functions for presentations; however, it has a scan option that makes the task easier.

Powerful character

It is an online software that allows you to create presentations from animations or caricatures in the form of dialog boxes. It is a platform capable of devising eye-catching exhibits to see and whose main component is creativity.


It is an online tool to easily create presentations. It doesn't consist of the same PowerPoint system, based on creating content from a slide organization; rather, the user works on a single page that alternates changes of direction and approaches to move from one idea to another.

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