PS2 emulator: which is the best emulator for PlayStation 2?

It's been two and a half years since the PlayStation 2 stopped receiving official repairs, marking its final retirement. However, the story of this fabulous console is not over. Some fans do not hesitate to restore their consoles to their former glory, but at the same time there are many users interested in their emulation and the same question is repeated over and over again: what is it? the best emulator for PlayStation 2 ? Despite the years, we can only offer one correct answer ... and it is PCSX2 .

PS2 Emulator: 4.491 reasons to look for one

This is the complete official catalog of games for PlayStation 2 , which combines all languages ​​and regions. Available information suggests that the last compatible title for the console was Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, which debuted ten months after the console was discontinued. But with so many games available, one can't help but wonder how we're going to handle them in the future. Sony doesn't have a particularly positive opinion on backward compatibility, so the community has accepted the goal of developing and maintaining the best emulator possible for PlayStation 2 . At the time of this writing, that emulator is PCSX2.

PCSX2: the best emulator for PlayStation 2

18 years of work, extensive plugin support, amazing compatibility and frequent builds that fix bugs or test new technologies. PCSX2 has the advantage of time, accumulated knowledge, the determination of his collaborators and the support of his fans. Its official website reports that out of a total of 2.664 games, the compatibility level exceeds 98 percent , so if you have a title in mind, chances are you can finish it from start to finish.

It goes without saying that every emulation process requires some firepower as well PCSX2 does not do exception . Even so, its current level of maturity combined with the high performance of the latest platforms allows us to enjoy PS2 games by multiplying its original resolution several times and taking its graphics to the limit. Another very important detail to note is that PCSX2 is not necessarily emerging as a Plug & Play solution. You will need to find your copy of the PS2 BIOS and make further adjustments depending on your computer hardware. These two guides will be very helpful in getting you started.

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In short: what about the rest?

PCSX2 is truly the only option when it comes to PlayStation 2 emulators ? Technically not ... but to be honest, it's the only one that's worth it. The other two relevant developments are Play! and DobieStation. In the case of Play !, its official website offers updated builds without ignoring its potential lack of stability, and out of 1.197 games tested, compatibility is at 17,8 percent. And on the DobieStation side, there are no builds on its GitHub profile either and you will have to fill in to use it. In other words, a matter of time. No one doubts other PlayStation 2 emulators will join PCSX2 in the future, but if you want to play now, it's the best.

PCSX2 official site: do click here

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