Public Wi-Fi Network: What Are the Risks and Dangers of Connecting to a Network?

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In today's article we will talk about What are the risks and dangers of connecting to a public Wi-Fi network? Before we get started with the topic, we will see a brief introduction for better understand what we are talking about in this article. When we talk about Wifi we are referring to a technology, which allows us to have the internet wirelessly on various electronic equipment.

To use this technology it is necessary to have a router with which we will connect all the devices we have . Another device we will need is a Modem, which will transform the analog signals into digital and then be sent to the router, ending the cycle by sending all this data to our device. With the advancement of technology there are devices that act as modems and routers, helping us to save money.

Another important point for understanding Wifi are networks. Every modem and router it has a different Wifi network that has different characteristics from the others , be it its speed, Internet access, Internet service, etc.

Most of these networks have a password, which is established to increase device security and prevent the Internet from slowing down. Some of these networks are public, but may pose some risk to us .

Taking this contextualization, we can deepen the question that concerns us today. We will see the risks we are exposed to when we connect to a public Wifi network, to finally explain some tips on how to reduce or avoid these risks, always preferring that we can change that public network to private.

What are the risks and dangers of connecting to a public Wi-Fi network?

As we explained above, there are private Wi-Fi networks that have a password to connect to, while public Wi-Fi networks have no password. being available to anyone who wants to use this internet for free.

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Thanks to their free access, public Wi-Fi networks represent a risk for those who use the network , having a great variety. Next, we will learn about some of these risks we present when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, explaining each of these dangers.

  1. The most common danger is data theft. Our data runs the risk of being perpetrated by third parties, who with them they can carry out any type of action, violating our security . On some occasions, depending on our security or the information we have provided using the public Wi-Fi network, a very serious bank data theft can occur.
  2. In public Wi-Fi networks we have another big problem, being the infection of a device with some malware . Among the most common malware when browsing the Internet in general, are ransomware. Using public Wi-Fi networks usually presents a greater risk to those who use them due to its vulnerability
  3. Monitoring and storage against our will . Because our connection to a public Wi-Fi network is intercepted, we run the risk that all our actions taken are at risk, significantly affecting our privacy.

These are some of the risks we present when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, which could lead to a great tragedy if not prevented. Fortunately, below we will see how to avoid and reduce the risks that Public Wifi networks present to our electronic devices.

How to reduce or avoid the risks of connecting to a public Wifi network?

We've already seen the risks we take when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, but we can't finish this article without first giving you some suggestions by which we can reduce these risks . Next, we'll give you some of the most important ones for good protection in public Wi-Fi networks.

  1. The most basic thing we can do to protect ourselves is avoid browsing banking sites or websites that are of great importance to us . This will make it difficult to locate our data. Another step is to log out of any application or page with a password.
  2. Using a VPN can help us strengthen our online security, serving for public Wi-Fi connections and even the Internet in general .
  3. Finally, we must keep our Wifi off the house, deactivating the automatic connection to prevent our device from automatically connecting to a Public Wifi connection.
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