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When it comes to enjoying applications and games on our Android mobile phone or tablet, the Google Play Store offers us an almost infinite number of options. Much of its content is free, but there is paid content as well, and not all users are willing to pay for it. It is in these cases when a black market is used, which is not always safe. Let's see the risks of using a blackmart

What is a blackmart?

The blackmars are unofficial application stores , in them we can find applications that we can download for free in official stores such as the Google Play Store or the Amazon Application Store. But what really interests users who use this type of application store is that they can get free applications and games that you pay for in the official stores .

Risks of using a blackmart

Blackmarts practically do not apply no control over the content that is loaded on them. Any user can load an application without having to register, making these platforms the ideal place to load malware like HummingBad.

Actually creating a modified APK is simpler than it looks, it involves decompiling the APK and inserting a new code before compiling it again. Users do not notice that the file has been modified and once installed on their mobile, the malware begins to do its job.

Viruses that affect cell phones and are often hidden in APK files can be very dangerous. Not only do they affect the device, but they can affect us personally. Many of these viruses try to take possession of our personal data to use them later in order to impersonate our identity .

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Malware protection

There are two ways to combat malware, the first of which is use common sense and don't download files from untrusted places . If we want an application, the best we can do is download it from official sites like the Google Play Store. It is true that sometimes the infected files have been smuggled into the official stores, but the cases are very few if we compare them with the mobile infections that occur through applications downloaded from blackmart. Furthermore, if our mobile phone is infected through an application downloaded from the Play Store, Google takes care of cleaning the terminal and deleting the affected software.

The second way to prevent our mobile phone from being hit by malware is install an antivirus . Don't miss our tips on the best antivirus for Android.

The security of our mobile phones is very important, as we frequently access our email accounts, bank accounts and other types of websites that contain our personal data through them. Data that, of course, we don't want to fall into the hands of strangers.

When using an unofficial app store, be aware that one of the main risks of using a blackmart is that your security can be compromised.

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