Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, A7 (2017, 2018), A8, A9 Common Problems and Solutions

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Samsung is a company that always provides its users with high quality products. What Samsung mainly specializes in is mobile phones. He has already launched several mobile phone series who have impressed the world.

And their products are so good that until recently they had the best mobile screen in the world. However, some of their phone models have been showing various problems. In this article, we will tell you about such problems and tell you what the problem is foolproof solution .

Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, A7 (2017, 2018), A8, A9 Common Problems and Solutions

      Common problem that the Samsung Galaxy A3 usually presents

      The most common problem with this phone is that it downloads very fast . That's why you should upload it every now and then, but there is a fix for such a problem.

      Solution to the problem

      The solution to this problem is to activate the " Energy saving mode " and then the phone will be able to save a lot of charge. It allows you to go less time without charging.

      Problem presented by the Samsung Galaxy A5

      Most of the time the fingerprint reader of This phone is kind of boring and doesn't accept the fingerprint of the owner of the phone. Many users have already complained about this problem.

      Solution to the problem

      Make sure you have registered your fingerprint in the of the phone . Do not attempt to unlock your mobile with a wet finger and always place your finger in the corner where you placed it when adding your fingerprint to the database.

      Problem presented by the Samsung Galaxy A7

      If you have a Samsung Galaxy A7 it is normal that at any moment what is known as " Rise Death ". In some cases the problem can be fixed easily and other times it will be more complicated. Another problem that it could present would be that of overheating as well as the J7 .

      Solution to the problem

      Of this phone Samsung released two editions and one of them was battery with cover and the other was integrated battery . In case you have the battery model with a cover, you will just have to remove the battery from the phone and put it back and the problem will be solved.

      If, on the other hand, you have the edition with built-in battery, you will have to charge the phone for 40 minutes and then press the volume down button with the Home and the power button. This way the screen will turn blue when this happens, press the volume up button and everything will be solved.

      Problem presented by the Samsung Galaxy A8

      The touch of this model always tends to have some defects , and this is something that annoys anyone, since you might be pressing things you didn't want to. Sometimes the problem occurs because the screen is dirty or wet.

      In some cases, this same phone model it tends to shut down and restart, but even such a problem can be fixed.

      Solution to the problem

      Whenever you go to work in the morning and find fog, it is almost certain that the touch screen of your mobile phone will fail. It is recommended to clean the touch with a completely dry cloth. Also, always keep clean the screen of the phone .

      Problem presented by the Samsung Galaxy A9

      When it lasts a long time working without rest, it may become slow and occasionally tend to get stuck. Or it may be that it warms up and takes a while to cool down again .

      Solution to the problem

      In this case, the best thing you can do is perform a hard reset . This way it will work again like when you first bought it.

      Is it advisable to buy Samsung mobile phones?

      Based on this analysis you might think it's not worth it, but these are 2017 and 2018 models and at that time Samsung had several problems. However, the new generation of mobile phones from this company it is durable and something good about Samsung is its tricks. On A-series models, you can find out how to turn on the notification light.

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