SolidWorks vs Solid Edge Which is Best? - Comparison, advantages and disadvantages

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Sia SolidWorks che Solid Edge are programs created to carry out various projects in 3D ; In other words, they are ideal for use by designers, architects and engineers. Because it includes all the features you need to develop innovative designs with an impressive level of realism.

Likewise, these programs are currently used to perform mechanical, electrical, electronic, and even biomedical projects. Since for the user's convenience these systems they are composed of modules that simplify the work of the designer or engineer.

Differences and similarities between SolidWorks and Solid Edge

In general, although both systems are used to develop 3D projects, each version has its own differences and similarities that make them stand out or be more in demand by the market; If you still don't know these features, don't worry, as I will point them out below.


As already mentioned, both are programs that are used to make 3D projects; You can also export designs already created from other platforms, such as inserting JPG images into the SoliWorks program.

On the other hand, both platforms are compatible with other software and similarly, due to their level of acceptance, you will find that many of your suppliers or customers use these programs to carry out projects; communication between you is quick and easy.

In the same way, both programs have a free downloadable version which allows beginners as well as design students and engineering careers to learn and put their designs into practice. Also, if you don't know where you can download the free version of SolidWorks on their website.


For users, the Solid Edge platform is a more intuitive option , that is, the user will be able to learn how to use and manage it in less time; This is not the case with the SoliWorks program, being a system that will require more dedication and time from the consumer or apprentice to finally obtain the knowledge for efficient management.

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Confronto tra SolidWorks e Solid Edge

When comparing both programs, the most notable thing that should be highlighted is that both are systems developed to develop 3D designs, being their main focus, although in the same way it will be possible to make 2D projects if necessary . Even in terms of learning level or mastery of the program in general, the Solid Edge system will stand out.

However, this point will depend more on the users than the manufacturer, as it will rely on which platform the designer feels most comfortable with. In this case, it should be noted that users using SolidWorks to carry out graphic projects they claim that this platform is the right one , since with it you can make endless creations like easily making a rotation animation in SolidWorks.

Summary between SolidWorks and Solid Edge programs

If, on the other hand, we compare both programs, the platform SoliWorks is more geared towards mechanical design , even if not for exclusive use; that is, you can implement it for other projects. It is also a fairly comprehensive platform that allows you to create, assemble, and design plans for any project you need to draw.

While the Solid Edge program includes a number of portfolio tools that make this system the most intuitive to use. Likewise it is considered very affordable as well you can also simulate, produce, design any project in 3D . Allowing you to get the efficiency and effectiveness that every project needs, because this platform is constantly growing, making it the best option for designers and engineers.

Finally, if you are one of the users who use various software, whether to develop mechanical, electrical, electronic projects and even to develop house plans, you can learn to include 2D views and 3D objects in the same AutoCAD plan. This is one of the best known programs used by engineers, designers, decorators and architects.

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