Solution Error 0x8007000E on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S - Error while downloading a game to my console

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If you can't find one solution to error 0x8007000E on Xbox Series X o Xbox Series S, here we will focus on resolving all your doubts.

Currently the Xbox X series and the Xbox S series are very popular, as they present us with incredible playability and graphic quality and also a great variety of games that will make us live incredible moments, to avoid download errors and breakdowns of our console it is good that we find out how to get the most out of our console.

Many of these errors can be due to a bad internet connection and that is why we need to adhere to a good service and thus be able to download and enjoy our games to the fullest. Without further ado, let's fix error 0x8007000E on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

    How to fix Xbox Series X or S error 0x800700

    It is common to find errors when you want to download or install games or programs, in this case we want to resolve the error 0x8007000E present in Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S consoles and controllers.

    The first thing to do is check the status of Xbox Live, since this error 0x8007000E on Xbox Series X can be caused by problems with the Xbox services or with the installation of the game, for this we go to the Xbox Live status page and make sure that all services are up and running.

    How to improve my Xbox Live connection

    The first thing you should do is hire a good internet service that has fiber optic cable, as it is much better than the coaxial cable and which also has good symmetry, this is that the download speed equals the upload speed.

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    To see the network statistics of the our Xbox X or Xbox S series we go to configuration followed by this we select general, we enter the network configuration and we go to where it says test network speed and statistics, once inside we can see the important points which are upload speed, download speed and latency.

    It is important to join one good company Internet in so that in this way we can have a better experience when we play on our Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S and thus avoid errors in downloading applications or games.

    Open the Xbox Live ports

    Reset profile

    To resolve the error that occurs when downloading a game on Xbox Series X and S, and also on your PC, the download of the game that is giving us problems is canceled, for this let's go to the queue manager , we cancel it and followed by this we restart the computer.

    Other options for solving the problem are check the Xbox network connection Series X or Xbox Series S, check if the error occurs with other applications or games and you can also contact Xbox technical support.

    You can also try installing Xbox One apps from the Windows Store and you may not have any problems or errors with the games or apps you install from there on your console.

    Common mistakes on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S?

    The most common errors that occur on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S are those associated with Internet connection. To resolve the internet connection we recommend connect via network cable directly to the modem , if the problem persists, subscribe to a better internet service.

    Another quite common error is he or the error 0x800708ca that appears after updating a game, to solve this error what we need to do is go to "Settings", then on "System" we enter "Console Information" and restart the console. If the problem persists, we uninstall the game that is causing us problems and reinstall it.

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    You may not know how to connect an Xbox to the internet via Wi-Fi or cable which is why your console has some of the most common errors gamers encounter every day.

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