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Today we will show you some solutions to the "Cannot access this website" error when I log into Banco Estado . While not a very common problem, it can occur from time to time, if so, you can try the following alternatives.

The following is intended specifically for the platform's website and not for the application. Even so, there are also ways to fix the Banco Estado App error 'E76' on Android, which is one of the most common bank application problems.

    Check if your computer is the one with the problem

    There is a big chance that the problem of not being able to access the State Bank is due to your computer making it impossible for one reason or another. Therefore, the first thing is to check if the problem is your computer. You can do this by simply trying to log in to the Banco Estado website via another device.

    In any case, we recommend that you try to do this from your mobile phone, in case you are trying to access from your computer. If, on the other hand, you were trying to enter on your mobile, try doing it on your computer.

    If you can successfully launch the website from another source, the problem is an incorrect configuration on one of the devices. To solve this problem there are several alternatives, the first of which is to clear the caches and cookies stored in Google Chrome, which can help when problems occur of this type.

    Verify that the site is active

    It is not common, but there is a possibility that the Banco Estado website is down. If after doing the above check, you notice that the website is not loading anywhere, there are a few things you can try to check if it is the page that is inactive .

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    That said, there are several ways to check if a website is down, however, the simplest is to use the isitdownorjustme website. So you can check if a website is working or down, of course you can too check the Banco Estado website with this platform.

    The process is very simple, just enter isitdownorjustme and, in the text box that appears, type the Banco Estado website. Once this is done, click on the button " or just me This way, it will check if the website is working.

    If the message " It's just you. is active. It means that the Banco Estado page works. On the other hand, if " It's not just you! is inactive. ”It means that the platform server is down.

    In case the bank is down, there is no other choice but to wait, usually the fall of the platform usually lasts a few minutes, or in extreme cases a few hours. Don't worry, normally after a while you can pay your Movistar Chile bills or any other pending expenses with Banco Estado.

    At the same time, remember that there are also other banking means and platforms, for example you can use the BancoEstado 'PagoRUT' application to send and receive payments and sometimes this platform works even when the page is not active.

    Another way to check if the bank's platform is not working for one reason or another or if there is a problem is to check the bank's social networks. To be more specific, you can visit the Banco Estado official Twitter .

    The bank has its own Twitter with the user " State Bank ". Through this platform they communicate important news to the user and answer questions or problems. In fact, if the platform at some point should be down, or had problems, a clarification will most likely be made through the official Twitter.

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    Furthermore, you can communicate directly with Banco Estado's official attention channel on Twitter. There they can assist you at a time from 8: 00 to 22: 00 . (Chilean time) every day of the week.

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