Solution error: "" on my android mobile

Android phones lead the market. It is known that these devices account for over 60% of all phones in the world, and this number is growing every day. These phones all have a very important element, that they share among all , and it's their operating system.

That is why Android devices reign supreme today. Thanks to them, everyone has the opportunity to access a modern platform for free, which allows everyone to have a good experience. The creation of this platform led to a lot of interesting things, for example video games. Today, you can learn how to play various titles on your smartphone, and you can even download Minecraft for an Android phone. When you start some games, you will see that you get an error. In this article, we will show you how to fix the ""

    What does the "" process mean?

    This is an error code that occurs when our phones are having trouble communicating properly with the Sim. This causes the chip to not have a stable connection with the antenna and therefore you do not have a good connection on the phone. Also, this error causes a rather annoying message to appear, the appearance of which it can get annoying.

    Another reason that can cause this error to appear is incorrect configuration of the APN . When you have a phone number, you are given a set of credentials that your phone has that allow it to access the signal from the antenna that covers your city. This is a parameter that you can change by yourself and, due to errors in the configuration of your SIM, it can be deconfigured by yourself.

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    L'acronimo APN sta per Access Point Name , which is the name of the access point. This credential can be changed by accessing the phone settings. Many people think that this is the first problem causing the error and hence is what we are going to show you how to fix. It is important to know that another way to avoid this problem is to avoid viruses and malicious packages from the Internet. You can do this by encrypting your connection and for this we recommend that you learn how to set up a VPN on Android.

    Why does this error occur on cell phones?

    Many times the error appears when the SIM card is not connected properly or when it does not work. However, there is also a possibility that the process will fail after installing a new application . This could be due to the accumulation of junk items on the mobile. Regardless of the cause, let's discuss some fixes for this bug.

    How to remove the "" message from your mobile phone

    There are several methods for eliminate the error with the '' process , we have the possibility to install a new ROM, clear the cache or directly perform a hard reset, let's analyze these options.

    Do a custom reset

    Installing an additional ROM may fix the problem if the one with the phone freezes. In any case, this change it is recommended for experts only and after the warranty expires, as installing a different ROM will void the mobile phone warranty.

    It should be done eventually and for older cell phones. It is a valid process if you need to recover a secondary cell phone, but all the points mentioned must be taken into consideration.

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    Clear the cache and application data

    If an application is causing the problem, è meglio try to delete the data and cache . Go to "Settings" and then to the "Applications" menu, go to that application that you think is causing the problem.

    This may vary by device, but you should find the "Storage" section and options within it "Delete data" and "Delete cache" , which are the options you need to activate.

    A hard reset or factory reset

    If the problem with the "" process persists, it would be better reset the phone to factory settings . This varies depending on the device, so it is recommended to read the manual for each mobile, however you can do this from the mobile settings or from Recovery.

    Set up an APN

    You need to know what an APN is. Once you understand the concept of what it is, you will be able to know how to change its values ​​quickly and easily. To do this, you need to access your phone's settings. This is accomplished by pulling down the notification bar and looking for a button for a wheel toothed or gear. If you press it, it will take you to the phone setup section.

    Once you are there, you need to go to the wireless connections section. Then, you will hit the button for SIM cards and mobile networks. The first option that appears when you press this button is Access Point Name. When you press it, it will show you many boxes that you need to fill. It is important to check on your APN credentials in order to fill in all the boxes correctly.

    What other solutions does the problem have?

    We remind you that before doing all this, the sim problem will continue to arise. That is why it is recommended put your phone in airplane mode on way stop trying to connect the SIM to the mobile network.

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    When the error appears, we can realize that the phone is also losing the time it had, so we need to go to the settings and fix this problem. However, very few people know that this is an error that occurs precisely because of a timing error in the Sim. It is important to make sure that the time on the phone is correct which is marked on the telephone company clock.

    To fix the problem and get the automatic date and time of your mobile network, you need to open the options section again. If you go low enough, you'll see a button that says "Additional Settings". The first thing it will show you is a menu where the second or third is the one that allows you to access the date and time of the device. In that section you will see a box corresponding to the "Automatic date and time" option. In case it is not green, you need to activate it .

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