Solution error: "GPS signal has been lost" in Google Maps on my Android

Many times we want to go out or travel somewhere, but we don't really know where it is, nor do we know if that place is close to a landmark where we can locate. This has happened to all of us, so to avoid getting lost in the city we use applications that guide us where we will go.

One of the most used applications by millions of people is Google Maps. This is an application that shows maps and GPS ed it is perfect for when we need to reach that place.

    What is Google Maps?

    Google Maps is literally a tool that tells us via GPS and maps where we want to go. It shows us the destination path is a kind of map, where it shows the streets and parts of the city to be able to locate us quickly. When you enter the place you want to go or "destination" Google Maps shows a blue stripe from where you are at that moment to where you want to go.

    This application is quite simple to use, when you enter your destination, the application asks you to select which transport method you will use to go to that place.

    Normally people use it when they go by car, but you can also select that you will walk or on some public transport and it will mark the minutes and hours it will take to reach your destination.

    The platform has many tools for improve its use and make it more attractive . You can activate dark mode in the application and it will change, you can also add music to listen to while driving and many other tools.

    GPS is not detecting my location on my mobile - How to fix it

    The Google Maps platform it is quite good and easy to use and gets us out of trouble even when we urgently need to get to a place. But like any good application we always find a small flaw within it, which can make us angry.

    Many users have presented the problem of lose the GPS signal when they connect to Google Maps. This problem is quite common, as well as it is quite simple to fix, we will explain how to do it below.

    Steps to fix lost GPS signal on your mobile phone

    There are several causes that cause the application to fail. So we will start by describing them with their solutions . Then follow the step by step instructions to solve this problem.

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    The first thing you can do is update the Google Maps application , the app is updated every time and adds improvements and bug fixes to the platform. This is the simplest option of all, which can solve your little problem with the App. Then go directly to the Play Store, in the search engine of the application search for Google Maps and click on the "update" button

    Activate high-precision GPS

    One of the options you can try is also to activate the high precision mode, a function of Google Maps that you can access from your Android phone or tablet, you have to open the settings of your mobile or device and find the "Location" section, then you have to activate the location, you will find the "Mode" option and select the "High accuracy" option.

    Turn on Bluetooth and WiFi or data

    Performing this action can also positively affect the recovery of the GPS signal, since activating WIFI and Bluetooth you will force the signal amplifier to start all pending processes and among them is the location via GPS, which for some reason is not working properly.

    To activate the WI-FI you just have to open the settings of your mobile phone, select WI-FI and slide the control to the "On" position.

    And to activate Bluetooth you also need to access the settings of your mobile or tablet, select Bluetooth and press the button active or switch on .

    Run Google Maps in the background

    For Google Maps to run in the background, you need to go to your mobile settings and search for the section "Application permissions settings", select the "Location" option and activate the "Always allow" option. This way, when the app needs to sync your location, you won't need to give it permissions manually, but it will do it automatically without you noticing.

    Have GPS Connected installed

    GPS Connected is an application that can help you a lot and avoid loss of signal, since it takes care of keeping the GPS signal always active, and through its algorithm it will be able to identify the best time to deactivate it , and all this automatically. It has a very simple interface to use and is completely free, so you can install it on your mobile and start testing its performance and usefulness for you.

    Clear cache and application data

    If the app has no pending updates, go go ahead and clear the app cache and data . You will get it quickly by entering your phone settings, go to the "applications" section and search for Google Maps, when you enter, press "delete application cache and data" and that's it.

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    Calibrate the compass on Android

    If the problem persists, you can try another technique, namely calibrate the compass . Google Maps gives us the ability to calibrate the compass to follow your path, as it may show a location that doesn't match.

    To calibrate the compass from the App, the first thing you need to do is open Google Maps and select where we are on the map and a section will appear that says "Calibrate compass" , you must follow the instructions and perform the movements that appear on the screen. Try to perform these movements twice so that you don't have any problems calculating your position.

    Adjust settings to factory settings

    Before explaining how to perform this action, we must warn you that this will erase all data on your mobile , so be sure to make a backup copy of your data and applications so you don't lose anything. Having said that and if you are determined to restore your mobile to factory settings, you need to go to the configuration of your device and click on the option "Factory data reset", once done the system will ask you twice Confirm that you want to delete the your data and accounts synced on the device, answer yes and the process will begin, this will take a few minutes and the phone will restart automatically.

    At the end of the process, you will need to enter the email and password with which you set up your Gmail account and access the backup you made of your data and applications. This in most of the times also helps to resolve Android system conflicts with the apps you have installed on your terminal.

    Steps to avoid losing GPS signal as much as possible

    We give you some other tips so that you can make sure you have the optimal signal for your GPS.

    Get enough signal

    Make sure you are in a place where you have good data reception based on the operator you use, coverage may be better or poor in some areas , avoid using GPS in basements, inside buildings and in places where the signal is interrupted.

    Having powerful hardware on your mobile

    There are currently many models and brands of mobile phones on the market, the options are very wide, so you need to make sure you choose good hardware if you want to get the most out of each of your GPS functions, especially make sure you get a cell phone with a good processor , do some research and read about the processor features of the mobile phone you will choose, MediaTek, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Samsung are some of the companies that are vying to develop the best mobile processors and the technology is advancing at a fairly rapid pace.

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    Also consider the amount of RAM and ROM memory in so that you have a good amount of space for your applications and that your mobile system runs as smoothly as possible.

    Have enough battery power

    Many cell phones nowadays have the "Battery saving mode" function, when the battery reaches a charge level of 20 to 15%, the system automatically disables many of the radio connections to extend the power reserve a little more, GPS is one of the first options the system puts into "Rest" , as it privileges the radio for voice calls, given in case you need to make an emergency call, so using the GPS with low battery charge will not guarantee a good GPS signal.

    Avoid interference

    In order to improve the signal and avoid interference in your mobile, you should therefore avoid certain situations that cause the waves your mobile sends and receives to be affected by the waves of other nearby devices. For example, avoid using your mobile phone near radio antennas, televisions, some places like basements , elevators, airplanes or buildings where the signal will be known to be affected by your environment.

    Why does my GPS locate me in another place where I am not?

    The last method is to turn on the high precision mode, since this it will help us find your location quickly and accurately . To be able to activate this mode you have to go to your phone settings and press "location", remember that you must have your location activated, if not, you can slide the bar above and activate the location.

    Then select the High Accuracy mode and voila, the your GPS shouldn't present any problems when searching for an address. Not the Google Maps app.

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