Solution error: "My Android phone stays on the logo and doesn't respond"

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Android system is the most used for cellphones today, however some have the mistake of staying on the logo, it's like the phone has been damaged, but calm down. This error in most cases has a solution, here we will explain what you can do to fix it and why this error usually occurs on android phones.

    There are several reasons why this error usually occurs, including rooting your android phone, many times this procedure is performed to add or allow applications that the factory system does not allow us. But how do I know if my mobile is rooted? This point is important so that you can prevent the phone from returning to the logo or you will know why it happened.

    Another reason for a ROM problem, many times the phone gets full of files and they saturate the ROM causing the problem, it's as if the cell phone tells us that I can't take it anymore. This is why it is important to clean our Android from time to time, avoid visiting dangerous pages where we can download viruses and always be careful not to exceed the memory capacity of our mobile phone.

    The error "remains in the logo" it is related to the software or operating system of the phone , sometimes it can be an error of this if you have updated it recently. Now we are interested in solving it, let's see some options.

    What is a Bootloop and why does it occur?

    Bootloop is the accident where the cellphone stays in a continuous reboot process , normally the mobile does not go beyond the logo. Either way, many call Bootloop for the phone to stay in the logo, but technically you should use the term just for that constant reboot that prevents the phone from booting.

    Solution, my android mobile stays on the logo and not responding

    In case this error is caused by some saturation in the mobile phone, we can choose the option to turn off the mobile, press and hold the power button for a few seconds until the screen is black and restart the system, if it's not that bad this option should work . You could also try removing the battery from your cell phone and replacing it to restore it in case the buttons don't work.

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    The next option is to restart the mobile phone in safe mode, here we can go in and check if any application is causing the error. To do this, the phone must be turned off, press the power button until the logo or brand of the Android mobile phone is displayed, in doing this you need to release the power button and hold down the volume down button, until the phone starts up, in some cell phones it is press the volume up button.

    This step requires a lot of coordination, if you can do it right the mobile phone will restart and it should appear in the lower right corner "safe mode" . That way you might fix the error, but if you can't fix your problem we have another option.

    The next solution is to restore the settings of factory or "Reset of settings of factory", It is important to remember that by following these steps all files, applications and settings on your Android will be deleted. To access the recovery menu you need to press the power button and the volume down button, both at the same time (in some mobile phones this can be done by pressing the power button and the volume up button) you can try both to see which it works for your android model

    Then the phone will launch a menu with different options, to scroll use the volume keys up and down and look for the option wipe data or factory reset, to select the option, press the power button .

    Il phone will start automatically factory reset and the logo error will disappear and if android system recovery appears, you can exit there and repeat the process, it is important to perform this step, that the phone is fully charged, because if it is downloaded you will not be able to carry out the process or worse it could cause damage to the software.

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    If the Android mobile phone has been rooted, to finish solving the error it is necessary to install a new ROM after the factory reset is complete. We hope that with these steps you will be able to fix this common error in Android.

    How to force shutdown a cellphone

    On most Android phones, forcing shutdown is as easy as press and hold the off button on the mobile phone for a few seconds. Do this until the mobile phone screen goes black and turns off.

    Hard Reset or Safe Mode, which one is better to use?

    The first thing is to point out the difference between Safe Mode and Hard Reset . Safe mode is a utility that only charges the mobile phone with the factory settings deemed essential. On the other hand, Hard Reset will erase all user information on mobile. The first thing would be to try in safe mode and hard reset is the last measure if the mobile does not boot in any way.

    Possible reasons for the error while charging the mobile phone

    Undoubtedly the first cause that comes to mind for the mobile charging error is the battery, but it can be other things. Let's discuss the possible causes of battery errors .

    Check the battery

    If the mobile is not charging in any way, it is most likely the battery. If your mobile has a removable battery, check if it is swollen, if so you will need to change the battery .

    Check the cable

    Keep in mind that modern batteries are very durable, so it doesn't badly check the charger and cables before you think it's the battery. Many times a faulty cable is the cause of battery errors.

    Most likely causes and solutions by brand

    Each mobile has its own peculiarities. This means that it is best to analyze them based on their brand . Therefore, we analyze the problem in the most important brands.

    Samsung gets caught on Android

    If the phone simply doesn't respond, yes recommends applying the reset , but be careful, this will erase all your data. To access the reset, turn on your mobile by pressing Volume Up + Power button + Home at the same time (on devices that have this button) after which you will appear in a configuration menu.

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    In this menu you navigate with the volume keys and accept with the power key, click Wipe cache Partition , repeat the process with the option Wipe Data Factory , then a new menu appears, click Yes.

    Xiaomi does not go beyond the logo

    Again, yes recommends applying the reset , but back up your data if possible. In Xiaomi we will enter the recovery mode by starting the mobile phone while pressing the power button + Volume up. Apply the Wipe cache Partition and Wipe Data Factory options.

    Huawei does not go beyond the beginning

    Huawei has Safe Mode , you can access it by starting the mobile phone and pressing the Volume Down keys + Power key. This mode allows you to enter the mobile phone, useful if an application is the cause of the error, in this case delete it and try to restart the mobile phone. If the above doesn't work, you may need to apply the reset, a process identical to that of Xiaomi.


    In LG we have a different take, but it will serve the same purpose. Again, remember that this will delete your information. Enough start the phone and press Volume Down + Power button at the same time . A menu should appear asking if you want to factory reset the device. Move with the volume keys and go to Yes, there press the power button.

    Lenovo or Motorola

    Motorola phones allow you to force boot , to do this, start the mobile phone and press the Volume Down + Power button at the same time, move between the options by pressing the volume keys. Search for "Start" and accept by pressing the power button, this should force the start.

    If the above doesn't work, repeat the process, but instead of choosing 'Start', select 'Factory Mode' , a feature that will leave the device in its factory state, but be careful, as it will erase all your information in the internal memory.

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