Solution error: "My Disney Plus screen goes black"

Technology updates are always predictable, but many times we are surprised to see how something we never imagined reaching the streaming application market, like Netflix. Of course, no brand wants to be left behind with new fashions, so does the Disney wanted to be part of these plans .

In 2015, Disney launched a show in the UK such as Disney Life , which in 2020 was replaced and updated by Disney + in Worldwide. This is an additional service provided by the Disney company that can be downloaded and thus be able to watch Disney movies and series.

From its creation in 2019 in the United States until today, this application has succeeded in rank among most downloads with over 100 million users . The Disney + application is free from the application store, you have to pay to see what you want and then take advantage of its free trial at the beginning.

In developing this article, we want to talk a little about the features Disney + offers you from the moment you install it on your computer. Of course, as all recently launched apps have flaws, even Disney +, so we'll help you fix one, like the screen that becomes black on startup.

Main features offered by Disney Plus

Although we can always use our account Disney + to watch our favorite shows, we may not know all the details presented by this platform. One tip that has created an advantage in using this platform is to create multiple profiles, so that each user can see without interruption.

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In addition, the Disney + app offers the possibility of save a program to watch it later if it is not possible at that time, simply by selecting the icon "+" . This option appears on the poster or at the beginning of a program. If selected, the program will be saved in the option "My list" a which you can access from the menu.

One feature that users have loved is the ease of downloading a movie or chapters of a series to be able to watch them later. regardless of whether you are offline . To do this, when we find a program that we want to download from the catalog, the option to download with good quality appears under the name.

On the other hand, although Disney + can be seen on our mobile whether it is Android or iOS , you can also download it and watch easily the our series and our films from a Smart TV . The downloads of this application and the steps to follow will depend on the model, brand and operating system of your Smart TV.

If you have a model with an Android operating system, the steps are very simple; You must enter the "House" of the Smart and go to first floor possibility . On the other hand, you can go to the App Store section, where you can write Disney + or it will appear as recommended, and you just need to install it on the Smart TV.

Now, as mentioned above, it is possible that when starting the application, the screen of the mobile phone or our Smart turns black or remains in the logo. In these cases the solution is quite simple and we will explain right now what you can do to fix it quickly.

Why does the Disney Plus screen go black or stay on the logo? How to solve the problem?

This is an issue that many users and developers have confirmed is related to error code Disney + 1026 , but it is a problem that has a simple solution.

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If you are using the application from your phone or some other mobile device, what you need to do is exit the application to be able to restart it . This recommendation is the one that all users have followed and it worked for them when they reopened the application because it works.

However, if you are using the application from a Smart TV and you have already restarted the application and the problem persists, you can do something else. Disconnect your Smart TV from the WiFi network and then plug it back in , how often is the problem due to a WiFi connection failure .

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