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Currently we all know or are users of NETFLIX, the application for mobile devices, computers and televisions that contains a large number of movies and series that we can watch online and even be downloaded. This app has positioned itself as one of those with the greatest potential on the market.

But sometimes, like any other app, it is possible that they show us some errors on the screen when we enjoy the content it offers us and that they can even generate headaches because we do not know how to make that announcement disappear in a definitive way and we continue to view the material calmly.

Recently it has become very common that the error that says " unfortunately Netflix has stopped " it appears repeatedly on the screen from where we have the application open and keeps popping up constantly and in most cases we don't know how to fix it. But don't worry, here we will give you some tips so that you can continue enjoying the content that Netflix has for you.

    Top reasons for "Unfortunately Netflix has stopped"

    This error is generated by the app system, but there may be some special cases and yours may be present:

    • You don't have the latest updated version of Netflix
    • It is full of information
    • App cache history stopped

    Your application is not updated to the latest version

    The first thing you should do is update the application from the compatible store with the operating system of the device you use for it (remember that Netflix is ​​available for both Android and iOS). For this just enter the store and the app itself will tell you if the update is necessary or not. If the problem persists, despite having downloaded the new version, you have three more possibilities to fix it.

    Insufficient memory

    To apply this option, you need to go to the settings or settings of your device, being there you look for where it says applications and press. Once inside, you need to search for the Netflix application and enter; later you will see two options appear, click where it says delete or clear cache memory , leave it there and check if it worked.

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    Go back into the settings or settings of your mobile or pc, look for where the applications are and click on them. Then locate Netflix, select it and enter the app details; At this point you will see the two options, the first was to clear the cache, but the second says to delete the data from the application, click here and then accept .

    Very important, when using this mode remember that all your data (records, history, searches, accounts, etc.) will be all permanently deleted , that is, the app will remain as just installed and you will have to log in again and the others. , adding that what you were seeing at the time of the problem will not be saved.

    What should I do when Netflix stops and won't let me use it?

    To fix the respective error it is very likely that you do not know exactly what was the origin that caused it, then you should try each of the methods we will describe in so you can see what might have been causing it and discard the other options.

    Finally, if none of the three ways that have been described work for you or fix the error that Netflix keeps, then it is necessary that you execute this last trick to give a suitable solution. Then you have to go to the application store compatible with the device you have (Play Store or App Store).

    Once inside the store, search for Netflix, select it and hit the uninstall button. Wait the necessary time, then it will be available for download again, press this option and you will finally have access to Netflix .

    How can I fix the error: "Unfortunately Netflix has stopped"?

    Unfortunately Netflix has stopped, usually this is a compatibility error due to outdated versions of software or app. For this, the most acceptable solution is to check if you have the latest versions of both. Depending on where you use the platform, you can follow these steps.

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    From the website

    In the event that the use of the Streaming platform comes from a web browser and this error occurs, try the following:

    Check that you have the latest version of the browser, many errors while accessing the pages are due to an outdated version of it. Many bugs like this could be fixed in the latest versions.

    If it is updated, you can try to restart it or, if not, delete the stored cookies.

    For most browsers we enter the history and select the "Clear history" box you can use the Delete cookies and data from other sites option.

    In the Mozilla browser you need to enter "Privacy and security" by selecting the Cookies and site data option.

    You can change the browser , among some of these we can name, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

    Use the Netflix application, it is compatible with ours Windows 10 , becoming a good option to avoid this mistake. This is because it has a more stable connection with the streaming platform.

    From the mobile app

    Check if you have a stable internet connection on your mobile devices, if it doesn't work restart the network connection. If it persists, contact the company's technical service.

    L'App Netflix needs to be updated , if not, you need to enter the Play Store and in the My applications and games section, locate the update option and check if it appears among the update options.

    If it doesn't work, we can easily install it again, for this we will access the configuration menu on our device. We will go into the applications and we will clic sull'app Netflix , selecting to delete the data from the application, thus deleting everything, but also series and movies. Then we will press where it says Uninstall and finished the process, we will return to the Play Store to reinstall Netflix.

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    Update our Android device, this step is necessary we need to enter the configuration and then update and verify the software. If we install a newer version for this device, we will proceed to test the desired app again.

    With a Smart TV

    This type of error in these devices is classified as unusual and is due to a compatibility issue. Common reasons are: unstable internet connection , outdated app or outdated device, here we will give you some solutions.

    In case of unstable internet connection, verify that you have access from your Smart TV device or other smart devices. If not, update the driver of your Wi-Fi device, if necessary, contact the technical service of the service provider company.

    The Netflix app needs to be updated to do that go to the store of the uses of your Smart TV. Check it in the My Profile section, select Updates and there you will see if your Netflix app matches the latest and most up-to-date.

    You should check if your Smart TV device is out of date or out of date . To do this, use the setup menu. Go to the Software Update area and check if it is the latest update available. If not, install it and use Netflix again.

    What should I do when the error appears on the screen?

    When you start reading this ad, you should pay attention because otherwise, the application will always appear while you omit the message that is presented on said error. Therefore, it is necessary to exit the application as soon as possible to resolve the defect and avoid further inconveniences and interruptions during use.

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