Solution error: "WhatsApp has stopped or closed unexpectedly"

WhatsApp is the flagship application of communications , this being the most used by millions of people. It has more than 2.500 million users worldwide and every time the number of downloads of the application is updated.

We can say that we are addicted to this application, since we send WhatsApp all the time, reading the messages left last night by the group of friends, seeing the image of the cake made by our grandmother, there are millions of reasons why they are always connected in the application and more in the midst of this global pandemic. People have changed their routine from visiting family on weekends to making WhatsApp video calls to send greetings.

    Main reasons for "Unfortunately WhatsApp has stopped" error

    While it's a great application and a fairly large company, that doesn't mean we can't find its flaws from time to time, even if they are minor. Several users have reported a very common error it says "WhatsApp has stopped" when we are in chat, sending a photo or video or even seeing the same application states.

    This can get very frustrating when we're in the middle of an important conversation and ours WhatsApp starts having problems . If this has happened to you many times, we tell you we have a quick fix for your problem.

    The main reasons why the App may be forcibly closed during use can be: wireless or data network connection failures; mobile phone drawbacks (storage or cache); errors on WhatsApp servers.

    What to do when WhatsApp is not responding?

    Regardless of why your instant messaging app is not responding, you can apply a simple process it's fast to make it work again. The first thing you should do is close the application and be at the beginning, press there or go where all the open tabs appear and delete each one, especially WhatsApp, wait on average about five minutes and reopen the platform.

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    Possible solutions to stop WhatsApp

    Now, after knowing what are the reasons why WhatsApp stops and what to do in an easy way to be able to reactivate it. You need to know other more specific solutions which can solve this problem. We will teach you some ways you can apply without having any technology experience.

    Clear cache

    If your WhatsApp has stopped, it is very likely that the cache memory is full and you will have to delete its data. To do this you have to go to settings or configuration of your phone a depending on your model. Within the settings search for "applications" and click inside. Enter the WhatsApp application and there you will see several options, select "storage space" and click on delete data and cache.

    Don't worry if you think something will be deleted in the application, no problem, when you delete the data and cache it will not happen to your application , you can continue to use it as usual.

    Update your application

    You can perform this action simply by entering the official app store of your mobile phone . Access the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS); Search for WhatsApp, then check the button that appears at the top right of the screen if it says update. If so, press this button and you have to wait for the download to complete. Once the update is complete, exit the store and reopen WhatsApp.

    Free up storage space

    And also Your device may not have enough space , so you need to leave enough space for WhatsApp to work normally. For this you have to go to settings / configurations of the phone, go to where the storage option is, if you observe that it is very saturated (full or almost full the storage space) you have to do a cleaning right there, deleting what you do not use or you don't need it. Finally log into the App to see if the problem is gone.

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    Restart the phone

    One of the most effective solutions is to restart your mobile device . It may seem like this won't help us at all, but the truth is it will. Any problems you have with the application or appearing in your device will be solved with a simple restart of the phone.

    To restart the mobile phone you will have to hold down the on and off button for a few seconds until the "shut down and restart" options appear, obviously you have to select "restart", wait a few minutes until the phone turns on, turns on again and enters the WhatsApp application , to see if the fault has been corrected.

    Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp

    Another feasible option that can be very useful is to remove and reinstall the application. Therefore, we suggest that you follow the instructions specified below:

      Format your device

      You can format your phone from the factory or a 'Hard Reset' , the only drawback with this problem is that it will leave the phone with us as if we had just bought it and taken it out of the box, that is, you will have to install all the applications you have used previously and log in to them and set up your phone.

      This option is a little more complicated and has more processes , as it might fix the error for us, but we still have to install the apps again and it can be a bit stressful if you didn't have the backup copies on your phone to recover pictures and chats.

      So, if you don't want to go for that extreme option and don't have the time to personalize your phone again, the best thing you can do is uninstall the WhatsApp app from your phone and download it again as soon as possible . This yes or yes, you have to solve all the problems with the WhatsApp platform, as we are downloading it again with all its updates.

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      Restore backup

      Ultimately we recommend that you restore your WhatsApp backup, this might fix it . If none of the above options work, don't worry, we'll always find a solution to your problem.

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