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Undoubtedly for anyone wanting an experience in a new world, downloading and installing World of Warcraft is a great option, even so, if you're having trouble, read on. Today we bring you the solution to the error "World of Warcraft 3D acceleration could not be started", one of the most common and annoying WoW errors. To solve this problem you can try the following.

Fixed "World of Warcraft 3D Acceleration Could Not Start" error using Launcher

If you wonder where and how I can buy World of Warcraft is the answer, but it is also a space where you can solve some problems.

  • Go to the program of startup .
  • Once you are there, you will need to go to the configuration options, simply right-click on the start icon located in the Windows toolbar. The " Settings ", click on it.
  • The Launcher settings will appear. Locate the " Game settings ". World of Warcraft should appear here. You will see an option called" Additional command line arguments ".
  • You will notice that a small text box is shown at the bottom, there you will have to type -windowed (to play in windowed mode) or -fullscreen (to play in full screen mode).
  • Write the one that best suits your needs, after you have finished just click on " Done "at the bottom right of the menu.
  • Now you just have to start the game, which will start directly in the mode you selected earlier. In this way, the error "World of Warcraft 3D acceleration could not be started" should be corrected.
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Update your video drivers

The "World of Warcraft 3D Acceleration Could Not Start" error refers to a video error, so it wouldn't be bad update video drivers . It's definitely something rare, but if you have too old a version, it's best to try downloading the video drivers for your graphics.

In fact, there's also the possibility that you simply don't have the video drivers installed. In this case, the error is common, the solution is to install them from scratch.

Update Directx to Fix "World of Warcraft 3D Acceleration Could Not Start" Error

Directx libraries are very important for correct operation of many applications. In fact, they include a large number of APIs that are required for many games to function properly. For this reason, updating Directx to the latest version is something every gamer should consider.

In fact, outdated Directx libraries are very likely to cause system instability to the point that many games do not work or it appears 'World of Warcraft cannot start 3D acceleration' error .

Make sure you meet the minimum requirements for World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a video game released in 2004, so you might think the minimum requirements are low. Anyway, in recent years, the video game has changed a lot , so much so that the current minimum requirements are much higher than what the game had when it first came out.

Failure to comply minimum requirements it may cause problems during playback or may not be possible. For this reason, if you get the error "Do not start 3D acceleration", please note that you meet the minimum requirements of World of Warcraft.

  • To play World of Warcraft correctly, you will need a operating system to 64 bit , from Windows 7 onwards.
  • At least one processor is required i5 third generation (i5 3450) or an AMD FX 8300.
  • As for the graphics card, you will need a graphics card with at least 2GB of video memory. For Nvidia it will be enough a GTX 760 , while for AMD we are talking about RX 560 as the basis on which to play.
  • As for RAM, the minimum amount needed is 4GB, but it is definitely recommended to have 8 GB .
  • Finally, you will need a hard drive with a minimum of 100 GB of free space .
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