Solution: "Facebook won't allow me to post or share photos or posts on my wall from my mobile"

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Through the following guide we will show you the solution to 'Facebook doesn't make me post or share photos or posts on my showcase from my mobile ' . So let's break down some causes and possible solutions when Facebook won't let you post.

Facebook blocked you

It should be noted that in recent years the Facebook platform has been trying to create a friendly community. That said, the policies have changed over the years , which is why there are some actions the platform simply doesn't tolerate.

A clear example of this is the creation of posts that can be considered offensive or harmful. In turn, if you abuse spam or send too many friend requests in short periods, you might to be stuck . In general, it would be best to check the Facebook community rules to avoid blocks.

In most cases, these blocks are temporary and rarely exceed 30 days. Typically, after this 30-day period, you will be able to repost the content on your bulletin board of Facebook. If this is the cause, it's also a good idea to delete old Facebook posts that may be causing this problem.

In any case, if you feel that the block is unfair, you can appeal against this decision. To do this, simply try publishing, and when it appears " Action blocked ", click the option" Report a problem ", action that will allow you to communicate with Facebook to report the problem.

There is no option to share

Sometimes the problem can arise if you want to share a post that doesn't have a share button. Certain, some posts cannot be shared in natively, but there are solutions you can try. Of course this is only valid in case you want to share content that other users have uploaded.

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Close the application / restart your mobile

Keep in mind that, in many cases, application failures are temporary. In other words, the most basic solutions can help solve problems, such as inability to upload content to your Facebook account .

Try closing the app and restarting it, if the error is temporary it can help. In turn, you can also try restart the device (the mobile phone) . If that doesn't work, you can try some of the solutions below.

Clear the cache and application data

Sometimes, temporary crashes in your mobile can cause problems, in case you cannot upload or publish posts on Facebook. Under these circumstances, worth it try to clear the cache and data , a solution that, although simple, can be functional.

  • Look for the option " Settings "on your mobile.
  • Once there, locate the " Applications " Of the device.
  • Find the Facebook application and click on it.
  • A section with the name " Archiving ", click this option.
  • The options will now appear " Delete cache " is " Delete give ", simply click on both options to delete the data stored in the system.

Update the application

Facebook is constantly updated, these updates try to solve problems and improve the stability of the application. It's possible that the reason you can't post or share photos on your wall is due to a error in your version of Facebook . That said, it's best to go straight to the Play Store and update.

  • As mentioned, all you have to do is enter to the application Play Store .
  • Once there, look for " Facebook "and click the" Update ".
  • Wait until the process is complete and try to upload the content to your account again.
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In any case, if you are still having problems, we can also guide you to update Facebook to its latest version on Android or iOS if the above is not useful or if you have an Apple branded mobile, undoubtedly a best procedure to avoid common problems.

Check the stability of your connection

There is a possibility that your Wi-Fi disconnects only on Android. The truth is that connection errors can be the cause of the inability to load content. That said, check that your data is not out of stock or that the connection is stable . If your connection is unstable, you may have trouble loading the content, especially if it's heavy.

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