Solution for Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, S10 gets very hot and drains battery

I Samsung Galaxy S are part of the smartphone series family of high-end , belonging to the renowned brand. These come to the market with a great start, offering users a lot of benefits and innovation.

The letter "S" refers to the term Super Smart (supersmart in English) to make it clear that the Samsung team intends to be fierce competition for the other brands.

Solution for Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, S10 gets very hot and drains battery

However, some of its models, such as the S7, S8, S9, and S10, had a drawback that slightly disappointed the users. The computer battery heats up and it downloads in no time.

Obviously, the first thing we'll want to know is how to cool down our computer . Question that we can solve in the same way as with the Samsung Galaxy J7 .

Then the question will come, why the battery of my Samsung Galaxy phone overheats and runs out of battery? And especially, how can i fix it? This answer is exactly what we will talk about next.

      First, identify the problem

      In order to fix the heating and battery problem of your device, the first thing to do is to identify the possible cause. Many times, this can be due to a problem related to the Operating System but that's not the only reason.

      An impact or drop may have damaged the inside of the device, affecting its functionality or battery performance. Also if you use off-brand or generic chargers, could be a cause of this behavior.

      Another quite frequent reason, especially in the Samsung Galaxy S6, it is when our mobile is wet inside, due to a water leak.

      Well, many times, even if the equipment is certified to be submersible, it can also shut down and not turn back on if it gets wet. Of course, this too has a solution.

      To recognize if the problem is in the Hardware or in the Software, you can use applications such as AIDA 64 or Ampere , which help you monitor your device, discovering the place where the possible fault is.

      Fix battery heating and performance issue

      Let's say you've taken good care of your gear, it took enough time for the battery to charge for the first time, it hasn't been hit or wet, and you've already ruled out a hardware failure. So, it's time to focus on the software and fix the problem.

      Many of the common reasons for our computer overheating relate to the simultaneous use of applications or running in the background. Fortunately, we can solve it by optimizing the resources of our mobile.

      Let's start by going into the Settings menu by selecting Device maintenance . There, we will choose where it says Battery and then utilization battery . We will find a list of applications, where the percentage of battery consumption is detailed.

      Eliminate the ones that aren't really useful to you, or that you don't use frequently, and remember to empty the trash to save space. You can too force shutdown and see if your team shows improvement.

      too many apps

      Apps running in the background can stress the processor , causing the device to overheat and drain the battery. To solve this problem, you can limit consumption, from the same previous menu, by selecting Optimize battery usage.

      There you can select the apps you want to optimize or limit battery usage to those running in the background. Another very effective tip is to disable the applications you don't use, such as GPS and Bluetooth, and activate them only when you need them. And it doesn't hurt to check that the SD card you're using is the one recommended for your computer.

      Finally, if you haven't encountered the problem yet, try doing a hard reset your Samsung Galaxy . Go to the Settings menu and from there to General Administration, then select Reset. If the problem is Software, your computer should wake up like new.

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