Solution: "Genshin's impact is slow" How to make him go faster

For all people, the pandemic has meant a new period in which large amounts of time have to be spent indoors. This is true, because to protect ourselves and our family members, the best way is to stay safe under the roof of your home. However, faced with this, many people have needed to find new ways to have fun.

Fortunately, everyone has a personal phone, or at least this is the rule in most developed countries. Thanks to this, anyone can access endless entertainment methods that are all at their fingertips. One such way to entertain oneself is video games, and one very famous today is Genshin Impact.

    What is Genshin's impact? How can you play?

    This is an RPG RPG game, which is cross-platform and can be downloaded for free via its This is very important, because being a free game , it means that it is subject to a greater number of players, as the free games in the Playstore are always distributed like hot cakes.

    But the real reason the game is so popular, aside from its characters, is the experience it offers its players. This is because the game is Open World type, just like GTA or Saints Row. In this, you are in a world with medieval connotations and in which there are magic, monsters, dragons and other great items.

    Genshin Impact can be downloaded on both PC and Playstation, in addition to the publication of its mobile version it also includes devices that use iOS. To be able to play it on PC, you need a series of requirements or minimum requirements that the game has. If your computer doesn't suit them, it is unlikely to work . However, you can learn how to fix "This application cannot run on my computer" problem.

    Genshin Impact is slow on the PC

    This is caused by variations ranging from many aspects of the game, from your computer's software to the hardware that owns it. This is very important, because in order to play a quiet game it is important that runs smoothly and that there are no drops in FPS, which negatively affect the gameplay.

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    The first and foremost reason we can give you for this is that your RAM is much lower than what the game requires to be able to run. This causes the reading of the files that your computer must use to run the game is slow and therefore the whole game slows down.

    Another reason is that your RAM may be enough, but you have too many programs open at the same time that make it difficult for the game to run smoothly and safely.

    If you are playing from a mobile phone, you need to know if your device is good enough advanced to be able to play the game . That's why it's important that you learn to know or check if a game works for me or works on my Android mobile.

    How to fix it quickly and easily

    This, as I told you earlier, is caused by a wide variety of factors. One of the reasons it can also be, in case you are coming from a phone, is that you are overheating. All users should know how to fix when a phone overheats as it is a basic skill for smartphone users.

    In case your game doesn't improve if you fix the overheating issues, you should look for other solutions. One of them is to lower the graphics quality of the game from the settings. To do this, we will access the options, then we will go to the "Graphics" section, and in this we will be given the opportunity to lower it to a minimum.

    Also, you have to make sure that you don't have any other applications open on your device, since the presence of these in RAM it can affect the performance of your game.

    Another solution is to learn how to boost your game's graphics and FPS through other applications, such as GL Tpols. This can be downloaded for free from the Google Playstore and it will not negatively affect the your gaming experience.

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    Know the minimum requirements to install Genshin Impact

    If you want to play this fun game, you need to know that the minimum requirements vary by device on where you want to install it.

    On your computer

    • Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 64 bit.
    • Processor: Second generation Intel Core i5.
    • RAM: 8 GB.
    • Graphic card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 1030
    • DirectX version: DirectX 11
    • Archiving: 30 GB of hard drive space.

    On your mobile

    • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.
    • RAM: 4 GB or more
    • Operating system: Android 8.1 or higher.

    How to update your graphics card drivers to the latest version

    There are many ways you can update your graphics card drivers, one of the simplest is to access Windows Update (if you use Windows) and check for available updates for your graphics card. This will allow you to select the latest available version of the driver you need and the download and installation will run automatically.

    You can also use the update tool provided by the manufacturer of your graphic , normally when you install a graphic on your computer a tool with the name of the manufacturer of your graphic is also installed, open this software and try to find a section that says, update, driver, maintenance or driver. They will surely give you the steps to follow so that you can update your graphics card driver easily.

    As a last resort if you can't update with the above-mentioned methods, you can go to the official website of your graphics card manufacturer and look for the "Driver Download" or "Driver Download" section , there you have to select the exact model of your graphics card and the operating system you use, in order to then be able to download the latest driver in .exe format and then install it on your system and there you can enjoy the update and improvements in the performance of your card graphics.

    Find out how to reduce the quality of the graphics if Genshin Impact runs intermittently

    Reducing the quality of in-game graphics is a good option if you want the game to have a little more fluidity in case, even after updating the graphics drivers, the game is slow.

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    On the computer

    Once the game is open, you have to press the Esc key "Esc", to open your character profile , then look for the "Settings" option, you can get it with a gear icon, enter there and in the menu of the On the left, you need to select the "Graphics" option and configure the values ​​as follows:

    • Viewing Modes: minimum resolution.
    • FPS: 30 FPS
    • Vertical synchronization: Close
    • Resolution: 0.8
    • Shadow quality: low
    • Visual effects: very low
    • Effect quality: low
    • General Settings: very low
    • Antialiasing: no
    • Motion blur: select "Close"

    Mobile phone

    Enter your player profile in the top left, select the "Settings" option , once done, go to the "Graphics" option and configure the following values:

    • Graphics quality: very low
    • Motion blur: Close

    Check that with these settings the option that says "Current Performance Load" is set to "Fluid" , so you should notice a small improvement in gaming performance.

    Your iPhone

    If you are an iPhone user, you should know that the steps to follow to lower the quality of the graphics on your device are very similar to the process on Android. You just have to keep the game open for about 15 minutes until Paimon, who is our assistant in the game, enables the "Settings" tab , in the upper left part of the game, so we can access the settings menu and then "Graphics". ", once there, configure the values ​​like this:

    • Graphics quality: very low
    • Motion blur: Close

    Enhance the FPS on your Android mobile

    In order for the game to be much smoother it is advisable to set the Frames per Second (FPS) to 30 , you can configure it in the "Graphics" section of the profile settings in Genshin Impact and locate the "FPS" tab, select the value 30 and voila, the game will be smoother.

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