Solution: "I can't connect or link my Instagram account to Facebook"

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In recent years, social networks have gained significant momentum within their platforms, thanks to the services they provide and are enjoyed by millions of users on them. Among the most used networks is Facebook, and the safest thing is that you already have an account or are about to create one, as with the Instagram application.

Facebook is the application that counts 2.700 million users, being the most active in the world, as it allows you to share with other people and even chat with them. On the other there is Instagram with 1.220 million users, who every day share suggestive photos and videos to share with their friends.

Since 2012, when the creators of Facebook saw the potential of a new application like Instagram, they decided to buy it and make working together i the two , just saying. That's why, although the apps have different functionalities, you have the ability to unlink your Instagram and Facebook accounts with just a couple of clicks.

The benefits of linking accounts are different , such as saving time when creating a post that you want to share on both accounts. On the other hand, you will automatically share your data in both accounts, so that if you lose access to one, you can recover the same account with the other.

How can you connect your Instagram account with Facebook?

The steps to do this are completely simple and quick to perform, and here we will show you how to do it. The first thing is enter yours account Instagram , the account you will link; then go to your profile and select the 3-stripe icon on the top right.

Doing so will scroll a window from the right with the options, select "Settings", at the bottom right of the screen, with the nut icon. Once in your account settings, tap the "Account" option, then select " Share in other apps ", where a new window with options will appear.

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In that window will appear the applications that you can connect, such as Twitter, Tumblr, among others, such as Facebook, select it and enter i your account details . Next, you can select auto sharing options or your Instagram stories or posts to share on Facebook.

However, it can sometimes happen that there are problems or errors when linking both accounts. Therefore, here we will explain why these things can happen and what steps you can take to find a simple solution to the problem.

Why can't I connect my Instagram accounts to Facebook and how to fix it?

As a cause of this connection error , is the email with which you created your Instagram account is not the same as Facebook. So when it comes to sharing information, their platform may not identify that it is the same person in both emails.

Also, it could happen that when you connect the account, you are connecting a Facebook page with Instagram and not a personal account, since it is better if it is a profile . On the other hand, the other problem is that you are entering the wrong data for the account you want to link to Instagram.

So, already knowing these details which could be the cause of the linking error, review and verify that the account, email and data are correct for linking.

On the other hand, another thing you can do to solve this problem is to close your Instagram account, from the application options. Then, log in again and select "Register", but in this case you won't create a new account, it's just to select the option "Use Facebook data" .

Once Instagram starts the process, don't finish it, simply select the option to cancel and then go back to the top to enter your Instagram username and password. After you are already logged into Instagram, go to your account settings and enter the option for share with other apps and select Facebook .

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As a last resort, you can make sure that the Instagram application is up to date on your mobile; If not, go to the store and select it to update.

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