Solution: "I can't log in or log into my Uber Eats account"

Your account can be blocked for various reasons, one of which may be due to the termination of the conditions in the concept of fraud or an unusual amount of cancellations of the last orders and thus not allowing you to log into your Uber Eat account.

When your account is locked, it will show you on the screen that the account needs attention, i.e. it will send you to contact support to resolve the issue. While the screen shows that it is disconnected, you will be ready to boot or start working with the application.

Undoubtedly, some rules must be met in all jobs, Uber Eats is run as an application where you are your own boss, that is, you can connect at any time you want, however there may be some reasons that may be get your account blocked.

Reasons to review or not log into your Uber Eats account

The Uber Eats app notifies you immediately when your account goes under review, you need to email support and support will respond with a letter briefly explaining what happened and the case of why they blocked you and also the time it takes to fix it.

The time it takes to resolve the problems will be based on the severity of what happened or the failure you have had in violating its rules or policies, but don't worry, the minimum time is two days and the maximum does not exceed one month.

So that you don't keep making the same mistakes, I invite you to read the list of reasons for deactivation of the account and thus obtain improvements. Uber Eats is an application that quickly solves the problem of your employees so that they get back to work immediately.

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8 reasons why Uber Eats is disabled and you can't sign in

The first would be a low score when using Uber Eats. Secondly, a lot of trips to friends and unfair bonuses, you have to be careful about having travel patterns as this grabs the attention of Uber Eats authorities and could end with a deactivation on the platform.

Third, not taking one trip a month is the hardest reason to turn off Uber Eats. Fourth, promote the competition and travel abroad. Fifth, diffamare Uber Eats , that is, no company wants this to be spoken of badly.

Sixth, having a criminal record, that is, Uber Eats in their policies wants its drivers to be as professional as possible to offer a quality service. Seventh, having someone else in the car during a trip, you can report this immediately.

Eighth, cancel too many trips, if being an Uber Eats driver you avoid canceling too many trips, the application will immediately put you in time out mode.

5 things you should know if you are going to work at Uber Eats

These 5 basics should be considered before starting the Uber Eats platform. First the cost or invoice the travel fares, due to the profitability of the work, the value to be earned and remembering that Uber charges a commission of 25% to its partners.

Second, Uber Eats consists of three ways to work , as a partner, i.e. the person who drives the car but does not drive. As a driver, the person who drives the car but does not own it.

Finally as a driving companion, i.e. being the owner of the car and also the driver. Thirdly, the key is to take care of gas consumption, choose the best car that doesn't consume as much fuel, or find the best short route to your destination.

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Fourth, be polite and formal e keep your unit clean as people rate your travels, the higher your rating, the higher your travels will be. Finally, fifth, dynamic calling, meaning the increase in Uber Eats calls from customers will increase the rates.

Now the world moves with technology every day there are more applications and Uber Eats is one of them, sign up if you haven't already and start using it or create your own garment.

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