Solution: "I can't open or access Gmail from my Android or iPhone"

Technology nowadays it is part of the daily life of the human being. In recent times it has been the protagonist of various changes, especially those that originated at the telephony level.

These changes have benefited the user since they can easily access different email servers from their mobile, allowing them to carry out certain tasks without waiting as long as they used to.

This way of examining e-mails from mobile phones has become so popular that it surpasses the figures for accessing e-mail from a computer. For this reason mobile devices they are an important element for both receiving and sending messages on a daily basis.

It is essential to manage an email to incorporate it into a Tablet or smartphone and then configure it. There are several email providers, one of these clients is gmail , very beneficial when it comes to accepting, reading and sending messages.

However, it's a shame when you want to use Gmail from your mobile device, but it is impossible to log in or open your mail. It would be helpful to know what you can do in that case to benefit from this great service. This article will provide some tips.

What is the Gmail email service?

It is a e-mail service which provides the user with the ability to send, receive and send messages via a physical and functional connection. It is free thanks to the Google search engine, which is why it is used by many, its errors are minimal.

It is available in many languages, it can work with the sistema Android o iPhone, devi just configure what is called an email account in the settings and you can immediately take advantage of the service, but sometimes it is difficult to access the account on your mobile. Do?

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Gmail won't open on Android

In case it is impossible to open the Gmail account on a mobile device, the first step is to make sure that there is contact with the Internet, so that this platform can be accessible and thus benefit from its functions without inconvenience.

Problems that arise to open Gmail on a mobile

It is important to check if the problem you are having has to do with the Internet. It is recommended to connect the mobile device with Wifi. If the person regularly uses the browser on a computer to access applications, there is no possibility that there is a problem with the network.

After checking the Wifi, proceed to disconnect it, use mobile data so that it connects to the internet and can browse. If it is difficult for you to do it, it is because Gmail does not agree to start on the mobile .

If the user is trying to open their account in the Gmail application, it is very likely that the problem is in the application, they should proceed to remove their data and remove memory or cache from the App . A tip for the user is to try to recover their password in the Gmail application. If after following the steps above the situation persists, it is advisable to withdraw the application and then re-establish it.

In this way the problem can be solved and the user can benefit from the mail service provided by it provider gmail . With the application of these tips the user can access or log in to their mail with Gmail, without problems.

You may be wondering why you couldn't do this before, it is likely that due to an update in the Gmail application it affected launching it on your Android mobile or iPhone. The situation described above should be resolved, in which case, if it repeats, Wi-Fi connection it should be controlled. As you can see, installing the Gmail email application on a smartphone is very simple.

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In this area of ​​academic and professional provider service vi it will make life easy for the user , who saw its importance and how fundamental these emails are. They allow you to review them without having to go to the PC, messages arrive via notifications, which means that the user can make decisions quickly.

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