Solution: "My device is not compatible with this version of Instagram" Android

Currently social networks are considered our main means of communication, from these we can know everything that happens in the life of our acquaintances, friends and family, also thanks to them we can know any type of event around the world and all types of news that in one way or another they affect us.

Within social networks most important and recognized around the world we can give some names like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok and many others. But it is necessary to point out that one of these important platforms has achieved total success in just a few years through a unique and special mode and a completely different operation. We are talking about Instagram.

This social network is totally focused on giving people the opportunity to publish all kinds of multimedia content such as photos, videos or stories. Its interface, functionality and mode have had a positive impact on users since this app was officially launched on the market. On the other hand, this platform is available for Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.

Instagram for Android was introduced 2 years after its official launch on iOS at the end of 2010. Since its arrival in the Google Play Store, this incredible social network has managed to accumulate more than 1 billion downloads, making it one of the social networks with the largest number of officially registered active users today.

Instagram was launched for a large number of system versions Android , although clearly, over the years the old versions become more and more obsolete and in the same way happens with the Instagram apps presented specifically for this type of versions, over time they come out new and old ones are deleted from the official stores.

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The following we will comment in more detail this type of events, why some terminals are not compatible with the new versions of Instagram and how we can solve this type of problem, so stay with us and find out all the details, information and data relating to this annoying problem or inconvenience.

Why is my Android mobile device not compatible with this version of Instagram?

As we said earlier, the Instagram app it is updated several times during the year . In each of these new presentations, any type of error presented in previous editions is refined, new options, services, tools and tools are added and, of course, the new apps of this social network are adapted for the most recent versions of Android.

As time goes by it's more and more likely that if you don't update your Instagram app it will be unusable .

Just like if you have a mobile device that doesn't have the latest versions of the Android operating system, chances are you can't download Instagram from the Play Store. This can also happen with some other apps from the official Android store, for this you have to download the apk by activating the unknown sources to install the app with a previous version compatible with your mobile.

How can I have Instagram on my Android terminal if it is not compatible with the latest version?

These types of restrictions they are very typical of the Android store, Google Play Store. There are therefore some alternatives we can turn to to solve this annoying problem.

If we realize that we cannot download the Instagram app from the Play Store due to our old version of Android, we will have to see if our phone has any kind of update that we have not paid attention to. We will know if we go to the settings section and let's look at the "information about phone" option.

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From there there will be the upgrade option and we will just have to click to see if we can install the latest version of android or not. Once the operating system is updated, this type of problem will no longer appear and we will be able to download the app.

We can also choose to download the Instagram application from an alternative store or third party from Internet. We recommend some great options like Uptdown, APKfree, and of course Aptoide. All are shops that respect the highest possible quality and safety.

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