Solution: "My mobile says Memory full with no photos, apps or other installed"

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In our mobile phone we accumulate as many times as many times in our homes, we accumulate photos, videos, chats, documents, audio, music. Many of which we don't use or really need. In other cases it may happen that the memory of our mobile phone is very low and it is not enough for what we need.

Another thing that our memory fills up for in many cases is that it brings many applications from the factory, when we buy a mobile phone it carries the default applications in internal memory and they take up a lot of space and don't always let us get out of them the same system.

Similarly, sometimes when we open web pages from our mobile it can create errors or folders that somehow we don't even know where they are stored on our mobile and for many reasons accumulate space that we really need on our mobile.

That's why we offer you some today tricks to free up the memory of your device and you can continue to use your favorite applications. Read on for all these details and more.

My mobile says memory is full with no photos, apps or anything else

It is important that you do not rule out that your phone may have some falsification, that somehow the numbers that your storage space says are not the ones that your mobile originally has, to be able to verify it you have to go to the settings and in the memory you will really know its capacity .

If after clearing the cache it still tells you that you don't have space, you can check it manually. This can be done via a PC only there you will be able to see what you have saved on your device and so you can copy and paste on the PC and leave the files so as not to lose them. Would be alone a small backup to help you free up space.

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Another solution, but a little more radical, is restore your device from the factory , thus eliminating all but all errors your cell phone might have. You should do this by making sure your phone has no counterfeits and that you have performed the other steps above.

Free your cell phone cache

The main thing is to know what cache memory really is and this is fast memory and there is any device, but it can accumulate more than you think. In the short term it is archiving, but what happens next is that the information are transferred to internal memory and this is filling up more and more.

What this memory actually stores is data or instructions from applications or websites you go back to and somehow it saves this information, somehow it is how you get a copy of the sites you visit from different platforms for this reason clear the cache Memory you Can help the phone to free up memory space .

On any device it matters clear the cache to free up space, this will let you know or get better performance on your mobile when you need space. It is always a concern because there may come a time when the phone is saturated, which is why it is necessary to free up internal storage space on Android.

Free up the RAM memory of the mobile phone

The role of this memory is to help keep the applications we use ready, so the phone is easily mobilized with this memory. Most importantly, with good speed he is able to mobilize everything in the best possible way. But what happens when this RAM is not enough , the phone will not run applications in the best way.

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One way to free up space on your phone is to increase and free up the RAM memory of your Android mobile, for better performance this would be one of the options . We always use a lot of apps at the same time or use our mobile a lot, but if it is saturated with so much information, it would be better to free up this memory.

If you want make your mobile faster you can do it in two ways, with root or without root or you can block apps that consume a lot of RAM memory, they are technical aspects that consume our memory and that when the phone is released, its speed increases. This is very common if we use a lot of applications and it doesn't require many steps to release them.

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