Solution: "My phone constantly reboots without stopping"

Why does my mobile phone constantly restart? What can I do if my mobile constantly restarts without stopping? How can I fix the constant reboot problem? What is "bootlop"?

Mobile devices such as cell phones have become part of every person's daily life, these are fundamental as they allow you to carry out multiple activities and tasks in a simple way.

When the your mobile is constantly restarted without stopping, it can be a very annoying and inconvenient problem, so today we bring you a simple guide to fix the error.

What is the bootlop or reboot loop?

If the cell phone or mobile device constantly restarts without stopping, this it could be due to a problem or error which occurs in the process of loading the operating system, when this error or problem occurs the device restarts again.

This constant reboot problem in the computer world it's called "Bootlop" or "Reboot Loop" , as the mobile phone has a problem in its operating system, it can constantly restart without stopping.

The bootlop, the reboot cycle or the constant restarting of the mobile phone may be due to various reasons or reasons, including:

  • That internal memory of the mobile phone is damaged or corrupted, this problem may be experienced in the mobile device for months but will take effect with an update in the damaged area.
  • Another reason causing the bootlop is to update the ROM of your mobile phone or install one from 0 in the wrong or incompatible way.
  • Installing a third-party malicious APK or application that is found to be corrupted can damage the mobile phone's operating system and cause a constant reboot.
  • Finally, it can be a damage to the mobile phone terminal, damage such as getting wet or filling with inappropriate substances.
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What can I do if my mobile constantly restarts without stopping?

In case your mobile restarts constantly without stopping, there are several solutions. In general, errors in the operating system of the mobile phone can be solved without having to take the device to a technical center.

One of the most recommended options for solving the constant reboot, bootlop or reboot loop problem is via recovery mode . From recovery mode, you can format, reset and reboot your mobile phone to its factory state.

Although through the recovery mode it is possible that you lose all your files, you can solve the problem of constant reboot and in turn other problems that the mobile phone may have, such as memory problems or if your device was hanging on the android logo.

To enter recovery mode on your mobile device, you need to hold down the power and volume down buttons. Once you enter the recovery mode you need to select the "Clear data and cache" option and then "Restore System Settings" , the mobile device will reboot once more but by doing this you will have solved the constant reboot problem.

Solutions and alternatives to bootlop or constant restart of the mobile phone

In case you don't want or can't enter recovery mode to fix the constant reboot problem on your mobile, there are other alternatives or methods to solve the bootlop problem or the constant reboot cycle on the mobile.

The first method or alternative it is draining the battery of the mobile phone , in some cases the problem or constant restarting of the mobile phone could be due to a malicious application running, so completely draining the battery and charging the mobile phone again can be a problem. good solution.

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A second method to solve the constant reboot problem is to install a new ROM on the device, for this you can use the MiFlash tool to install ROM from a PC.

In the case of would not be possible fix the restart problem constant or bootlop, the last option is to go to the technical service to receive an analysis of the problem in the device and fix it.

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