Solution: "My phone's memory or internal memory says it's full and has nothing"

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When we think about buying a phone, the his memory plays a fundamental role in the decision-making process. Well, currently mobile applications require a lot of memory, both RAM and internal memory.

That is why one of the most common problems when using our phones is when our mobile tells us that the memory is full. The most frustrating thing is the case we have practically nothing installed .

These do not suggest that this is a problem or a mistake. However, there is a solution for that. Here we will tell you what you can do when the memory or internal memory of my mobile says it is full and it has nothing.

Why does my phone's memory or internal memory say it is full and has nothing?

It is very normal that when using our phone, you throw us a message indicating that the memory or the internal memory is full when we don't have many files or applications installed on our device.

Likewise, a common answer is to believe that this is a phone bug. When in reality it is we who are wrong. Well, this happens because we are not aware of the amount of space available in our memory.

Now this confusion is due to the fact that the applications we use on our phone store data as we use it . These data and files are needed to save time and internet data when you request them again.

In the same way, these files are downloaded in the background and we are usually not aware of how much space they consume on our devices until we are told that the memory is full.

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Well, this problem is due to our lack of control over background downloads of the applications we have installed. And so it's not about any other mistake.

Solution: "My mobile phone memory or internal memory says it is full and has nothing"

The most efficient solution to this problem is to constantly free the stored data from the applications we install. So we can to have our memory as free as possible . However, there are applications whose use requires additional data which is not mentioned at the time of installation.

This is why we have to check carefully if the applications we have installed on our device they are of this type. Another very good option is to download lite applications.

Well, currently many apps have their own lite versions , among these we find Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite. Which do not store data permanently on our phone.

Although there aren't many extra actions we can take in this regard , here we can mention some of the ways to solve the phone internal memory full message.

Check the memory status

This is the first step we must take, as it is necessary know which files keep our memory full . Well, this way we can look for them and manage them directly. The steps we need to follow are as follows:

  1. To start, we must access the configuration of our device.
  2. So, let's go to the general settings section.
  3. We click on Storage.
  4. Now the phone shows us the percentage of files taking up memory of our device.

Free up memory

Previously we were able to check what is taking up the memory of our device. Now we have to proceed with deleting these files . Of course, remember that they must be files that you don't frequent or don't need. The steps are as follows:

  1. We enter the File Manager .
  2. We locate the files as it has us memory status shown .
  3. We proceed to eliminate them, for this we can select them all at once or one by one.
  4. verify that the space has been freed on the device, we can check the memory status again.
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Clear cache

If you don't have many applications installed, the problem is with the data stored by the ones you already have. Well, one way to free some of this space is to clear the cache. The recovered space will not be much . But that depends on the amount of time you spend using these apps.

Install a memory optimizer

This is an application that frees up memory space automatically or manually. These files are temporary copies and are of no relevance to the operation of the system or applications.

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