Solution: "My Smart TV is very slow" How can I increase or speed up its speed?

Currently, Smart TVs are seen a lot because they offer the possibility of having a slightly more updated TV. That is, has the job of bringing new functions to your TV that your old TV doesn't have. In other words, as they call smartphones, this would be a smart TV.

Many times having only the channel options on the TV is boring one day and we no longer have the same interest, so there is the option to convert the old TV into a Smart TV with Android. Furthermore, allows you to view content from the network , via Internet access, multiple applications.

Basically it serves for have greater video viewing , games, movies and it also improves our entertainment and communication. In these Smart TVs you can also create an account on Netflix because through it you can also watch and get the most out of your account.

But since all is not as many times as we want, this can be a bit slow and it is here that we will show you the solution you need . So you don't have to wait forever for your Smart TV to perform the functions you need.

    What is the cause of the slow response speed?

    The main reason why they usually work slowly is because the application updates arriving in your system take more and more resources, if your Smart TV model is not a latest generation model, these updates are likely to cause the start of the your device work slower over time.

    Methods to increase the speed of your Smart TV

    The first thing we need to know that this happens because after a while applications require updates so our TV doesn't always have that much capacity so it works intermittently, the important thing is that they also have an operating system.

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    Basically , software updates help us improve device, for this reason this would be the method to speed up your Smart TV. Update the TV software and for this you need to be connected to an Internet network.

    It is also recommended to do this via a network cable, this if the TV has no updates. So you have to upload some files to pass it to your TV and access updates.

    In the industry you can also get Android TV Box, which will also help you speed up your Smart TV. This way you can use these methods that they will help you improve your speed.

    How does it affect the internet speed on my TV

    The most common thing when you have a very slow internet connection is that your Smart TV starts on suffer interruptions in the reproduction of the contents you're looking at, as well as that annoying slowness in loading menus and the entire system interface it has installed. This makes your screen experience not entirely enjoyable.

    Connect the Internet via Ethernet cable

    Smart TVs require a width di remarkably high bandwidth to provide us with optimal operation, if you want to smoothly view the content you like the most, one of the best options you can choose is to connect your device to the internet via the wired connection.

    This way you can take advantage of all the bandwidth available for streaming. If your Smart TV has a Gigabit Ethernet card, the experience will improve dramatically, you will have no problem playing the content you want to see.

    Use the signal amplifier

    If your Smart TV does not have an Ethernet connection, the best option to improve your connection would be to install a signal amplifier, this device it will act as a bridge between the area where you have good internet coverage and the area where you want to improve it . Using the same network name, the same key and it's very easy to set up.

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    You have to choose the best location for this device , as it will cause both the internet signal to reach your Smart TV with better power, but the requests you make through your Smart TV menu are also captured by the amplifier and sent to your router.

    Improve the internet connection on your Smart TV

    At a time when we are filled with so many technological advances we tend to have many devices that must be connected to the inter and for this reason your Smart TV tends to be very slow. One of the things that can help you improve your connection is to optimize your router.

    The first thing you should do is go check your configuration to see if everything is in order and likewise check that they are not using the same channel through the same router you have at home and this progress is very slow.

    Another point you should know is the distance - prove that your internet device is not that far from the TV if it tends to arrive with less capacity. It is better to have the Internet in the middle of the house in which it is located.

    This way you will be able to better manage the tools and also to have a better range when you connect to the network. Also, avoid having other devices nearby.

    Smart TV functionality

    Many today opt for this tool for its functions, you can browse the internet, watch movies and even record them. Another feature is that you can share contents in multimedia mode . Something that really stands out is that you can watch channels on the internet.

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    You can also download videos , there are many tools it offers. In many cases, people also prefer to use this mode because they often pay high prices and don't get the service they want, but Smart TV gives them all these tools.

    The best thing is that it's like having a home theater, sometimes we just want share it with family and friends , but we don't have the necessary money, so we can choose to watch movies at home. Its main focus is that, entertainment.

    Today there are many devices on the market and all for different uses, but what is certain is that there are are of great use and that with the passage of time we will move to many more devices.

    Where can I update the operating system of my Smart TV

    Keeping the firmware of your Smart TV updated is very simple . To perform the update you need to have a stable internet connection, your TV remote control and follow the steps below:

    • Press the Home button on the remote control (in some cases the Menu button).
    • Navigate to scroll through the options that appear on the screen until you reach the Settings menu .
    • Find the card Technical support .
    • Look for the option Software or Software Update .
    • If there are updates available for installation at that time, enter the option of download and update , this will start the process of downloading the files and their subsequent installation.
    • Wait for the update process to complete, meanwhile, do not turn off or disconnect the Smart TV from Internet.
    • You can also look for the option of aggiornamento automatico and activate it, that way when updates are available, the download and update process will be done automatically and you won't have to repeat the whole process manually.
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