Solution: My Smart TV stays on the logo and doesn't play anything

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If your TV is Smart TV and does not reproduce anything, it remains in the logo, it can be mainly for 2 causes, the first due to electrical damage and the second due to desoldering of internal components due to overheating.

The failure of stay in the logo and do not reproduce anything it is very common today, all Smart TV brands present it at a certain time of use. Electronic equipment is designed not to exceed the maximum time of use.

In order for your Smart TV to continue to use it and not buy a new one, there are several techniques to solve the problems that arise at a given moment. Sometimes they are simpler and easier to solve problems, such as lowering or increasing the brightness of the Smart TV.

Try to bring your team to the best service where they give you a guarantee for what has been done to your Smart, a reliable and reputable staff to be able to get the best result or solution in each case.

Does your Thomson Smart TV stay on the logo?

This kind of fault when your Smart TV does not start or black screen is placed, the first step would be to check the power supply, if it does not start or has sound. We must also check the microprocessor of the Smart TV, on the electronic board, it incorporates memory and other things .

So it is necessary to re-roll it i.e. remove the chip, clean the welds with a special liquid such as flux and balls, and finally put it back in place with a new weld, this new weld will give it a better finish and durability.

Another way would be to impregnate with a stream or liquid similar to the microcontroller , this process makes the pond go where it is. To make an artisanal reballing we can use a hot air welder and pass it carefully to the microcontroller, do not exceed 70 ° c.

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At the end of the procedure with great care, it is necessary to wait for it to cool down, i.e. bring it to room temperature before turning it on. Likewise, if that doesn't work, the last option would be to send the license plate to an external workshop specialized in reballing or buy the entire plate.

Is your Sony Smart TV not starting up?

When it happens that your Sony Smart TV stays in the logo and does not play anything, because at first glance it is a software update problem, and proceed immediately to reinstall the software , in this way you solve the problem.

Another solution option would be to check the bias voltages for the microprocessor. It is important to know that the bias voltages are between 1.2, 1.8, 2.5, 3.3 and 5 volts , which if they were not in those values ​​would be the cause of the problem.

Let's make sure that the power supply is sending the power supply voltage to the board correctly, two important voltages that must arrive are 12 and 5 volts. The 12 volts is used to power the sound.

With the instrument to be used, that is the voltmeter, it is possible to check all the polarization voltages and in this way know if they are in the correct range or not and locate the fault.

What is Smart TV reballing?

For all those equipments they have stopped working due to overheating , video chip resoldering is applied, better known as reballing, reballing, i.e. soldering the small solder balls, is a cheaper procedure than replacing the motherboard.

With the help of one specialized tool the necessary temperature is applied to desolder the components without damaging them, all the soldering is cleaned to proceed with the soldering with a more resistant alloy and finally joining it to the motherboard.

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So you should check all other components like video and sound cards. With reballing, your problems with i your electrical devices last generation will end.

Rebelling is something new that has come to stay and solve all your problems with electrical appliances that have a microprocessor, it is very easy to do it at home with a heat gun or by taking it to a reballing machine service.

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