Solution: "My TV smells burnt" How do I know which part has been burned?

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Le causes why a TV smells like burnt are different, which is why you will need to carry out some simple tests to check their status. One of them and the main one is to check whether the TV turns on when connected to the power, preferably with the use of the remote control; in case the manual button is defective before the possible failure.

Se DON'T si sees a reaction from the television, it is evident that it has a fault in the internal electronic board that composes it. In this scenario, my TV smells burnt from a short circuit that is produced by a sudden voltage surge or power outages; consecutively which can affect the useful life of the electronic components.

    Possible causes of my TV smelling burnt

    The smell of burning is characteristic of an overload, this can occur in any component, but there are some where it occurs more often. It is the case of cables, filters and resistors .

    If our TV worked fine and suddenly it starts smell of burning , it would be better to disconnect it. At this point, the first thing to check is the TV card, also called the connector. Which is at the end of the cable, many times if the plug is faulty it can cause it to overheat and even melt. In the best case this will be the case and you will only have to change the token.

    If not, you will have to discover the TV , for this you need to use a flat screwdriver and a flat screwdriver. The knurled one you'll use to remove the screws and the putty knife can help you remove the plastic edges.

    Once discovered you will be able to see 3 plates if yes it's a modern TV, and two plates if it's an old TV. Either way, you should look for parks that are black or look like they are burnt from the heat.

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    If you see a blown capacitor or large part, it's best to get it repaired if you don't know how to change parts. In case you know how to do the repair, you need to be careful to the information that the original filter brings and change it to one exactly the same.

    Likewise, there are other possible failures and things we need to watch on our television, which are as follows:

    Defective wiring or components

    Another thing to watch for is the wires, they can go short. This is seen more in older TVs, if any broken cables that can come into contact with each other.

    In the case of modern televisions, these have stripes and flex which prevent contact. However, if while watching TV you notice something similar to what we exhibit here, you can insulate the contacts with electrical tape or duct tape. This should eliminate the problem, unless this has been going on for a long time and another component has been damaged.

    Possible short circuit, spontaneous or after a thunderstorm

    A short circuit can occur for both the deterioration of cables than for a bolt of lightning. In the worst case, when lightning strikes and the TV has been connected to the power supply, a short circuit occurs so strong that it damages many components at the same time.

    On the other hand, shorts caused by shorted cables or components are reflected on the board as an area obscured by high temperature.

    Possible overheating of the condenser

    Another possible capacitor failure occurs when are exposed to high temperatures . This should not happen normally or with the TV switched on for many hours. However, due to manufacturing defects or dust accumulation, it can occur.

    Steps to check if the TV is damaged or burned

    Smart TVs are televisions state-of-the-art with an operating system which powers them with more applications that go hand in hand with technological advances. Such applications include synchronizing with other devices wirelessly or accessing the internet, which you need to know about; how to know if my Smart TV is infected with a virus due to its vulnerability.

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    In other cases of failure, it is important to know that these modern televisions do not burn out, sometimes when they lose the picture; a transistor that sends the signal to the screen it's damaged, so let's just replace this component and that's it. You will also have the case that your Smart TV is left with the black screen responding to the following:

    • Problems with some apps on the TV running
    • Defective update
    • Power failure
    • RAM memory problems

    For these cases there are a number of tips that are effective in solving the aforementioned problems , these are as follows:

    • If the problem is in an app, we recommend restart the Smart TV entering the menu in the last option of 'restart'; or manually with a reset button on the back. If the error persists, it means that the App is faulty, in which case it is recommended to uninstall it.
    • Another glitch where the screen freezes or goes black may be due to a faulty system update. In the menu of your Smart TV you will find an option to update the software.
    • these TVs are made up of LED screens which are very innovative and affordable tools that do not consume much energy. However, it makes them more sensitive to electrical fluctuations, which is why a high voltage can be fatal for these TVs; and it is likely to require specialized technical service.
    • La RAM over time it shows wear, so check if the RAM is not burned.
      It is important to know the capacity of your Smart TV to know its maximum capacity and not to exceed it with excessive installation of applications.
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    How to tell which part of the TV burned out

    For our homes, a television is essential equipment to bring us joy and keep us primarily connected with news happening around the world. Which would then be a big problem if the TV smelled like burnt indicates that there is a significant failure which can damage it permanently.

    To identify the fault it is first necessary to carry out a Diagnosis & Technical Assistance that verifies all the possible causes until the problem is found. In the case of older TVs, it is common for some capacitors to burn in feeder area ; causing burning odors along with other defects such as:

    • Image problems
    • Audio problems
    • Ignition problems

    In this case the TV must be unplugged from the power supply and must be unplugged in order to carry out an internal check on its electronic board. Once inside, the following physical specimens must be identified which can be identified on sight:

    • Burn marks among its components.
    • Deformed capacitors.
    • Cracked or protruding capacitors.

    You will also be able to perceive with the sense of smell which area has the greatest smell of burning and with a magnifying glass, preferably observe if there is any irregularity. Then, with a multimeter, do the necessary tests to check that the capacitor is damaged and see if there are no further problems. If your technical knowledge is scarce, it is best to leave this task in the hands of specialized technicians.

    With the help of a soldering iron and tin, the burnt capacitor is replaced, making sure that when the old component is unsoldered; and soldering the new one does not affect the solder points surrounding it which have nothing to do with the capacitor to be replaced; and that it is positioned in the right polarity.

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