Solution: "My Yahoo account has been hacked" What to do or how can I recover it?

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In this opportunity, see how it's done, let's continue with the Yahoo theme, but we won't talk about how to save a contact list, but we will touch on the subject of the hacker and Yahoo.

In this order of ideas we will explain: what a Yahoo account is and what it is for, this way you can more easily understand the steps to recover your Yahoo account if it has been hacked and how to know if your Yahoo account has been hacked.

    What is a Yahoo account?

    It is very important to be able to understand clearly the concept of Yahoo account , since it is always advisable to know in detail what the platforms you are working with deal with, in this way it will always be much easier to solve any errors.

    Yahoo is a messaging platform where you can send emails via the Yahoo! address, you can send multiple emails at the same time, that is the same functions as Gmail can be provided.

    It is an account that has very similar communication skills to those of Gmail or Outlook, known as Hotmail. Pointing out that in Yahoo you can receive and save all the emails you want, in this way you will have confidential information that you can only access through the password you have established.

    How to know if my Yahoo account has been hacked

    Despite Yahoo! both an extensive platform that can be used for large profits and even to find people via Messenger and meet up, you will be able to only know if it has been hacked in only one way.

    When your account is suddenly shut down from your computer or mobile phone and then you want to open it using the usual data, but you get an error and you cannot access it, it is because it has been hacked, it has nothing to do with system problems but a hacker.

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    What can I do if my Yahoo account has been hacked?

    If you change your password, it is important that it be long

    Do and complete a security check

    Alternative ways to recover Yahoo easily

    If your Yahoo account has been hacked, the ideal is to try to recover it immediately so that the hacker doesn't have time to change your authentication or security details. The ideal step to get your account restored is to reset your password.

    You can do this via your computer or via the mobile application. It is recommended to perform the reset by the means that are used of more in so that the device is recognized and you can have a successful restore.

    Desktop recovery

    The first thing you need to do to recover your hacked account from your computer is to enter the Yahoo login page and reset your password to log in again and modify the data.

    Once you are on the page and enter the address to enter, you will select where they ask you if 'You have trouble getting in' when you click on that option a window will open, asking you for the email or assigned backup number you have for the account.

    After entering the e-mail or backup number , Yahoo will immediately send you a code, that code must be entered in the Yahoo window where they ask you to do it almost instantly.

    After entering the code, you will have the option to enter a new password in so you can log back into your account without any hassle.

    Mobile recovery

    If you intend to restore via the mobile application, you have to enter it, write the address and select "Difficulty to access" so that send you the verification link on your mobile.

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    Once you have received the verification link you must select it, a code will come to your backup email, the code must be written in the application immediately in so you can be on your account.

    Being inside the account you have to go to 'Account Information' there you will see which devices are using your account, the ones you don't know you need to delete and then make a change to the password.

    How can I protect my Yahoo account from possible attacks?

    Update account

    Change your password from time to time

    Use a password manager and manager

    Enable two-step authentication

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