Solution: "PUGB crashes on loading and running screen" on Android, iPhone

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If it happened to you that when you try to play PUBG is stuck on loading and running screen. And you want to quickly fix this error so that you can play safely again. You must have your device handy to perform the steps we will mention here. In addition to having a WIFI network.

PUBG is a multiplayer game , where you can play with your friends and family, across various platforms. It can be installed on mobile phones, laptops and desktops and even on consoles like PS4 and Xbox. It has become very popular lately, pairing games like Fornite. However, many users are blocked because it sometimes gets stuck on the loading screen.

How to fix PUBG error on Android?

Android is a system with a lot of features and this allows us to customize it as we want, so many times we usually have a lot of apps installed. If this is your case, you should try to eliminate some that you don't use frequently, since this game needs to use storage space constantly.

And if for some reason you don't have access to enough storage space, the game won't launch properly. You should always check that the your WIFI network is working properly , so that the game can quickly enter the server.

Another thing you should always check is that your Android software is updated to the latest version. This is because PUBG is a game that is constantly being updated and it might be left unused in older Android versions, so it might happen to you.

If you've tried all of the above and still can't access the app, chances are you have a corrupted game file so you need to delete it and download it again via the Play Store. This is a very quick process as the game is totally free, you just have to open the shop and search for the name of the game. With this, it will appear as the first result and you can install it.

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How to fix PUBG error on ¡Phone?

In the case of Apple devices, we have more limited options for troubleshooting in apps. However there are some things we can still test, check in the settings section to be connected to the WIFI network of your home and that not only mobile data is active.

This is to ensure that the problem is not a connection problem and that it is mainly the app not working. Go all'App Store and check if you have any pending updates for PUBG. To save this step, you can turn on automatic updates. So you won't have to worry about checking it from time to time.

You can also try to restart your device, to do this you have to press the power buttons and the middle button at the same time, you have to leave it pressed for at least 3 seconds , this will restart your device and you can try to open the app again.

Definitely, we can do the same step as android , but this time applied to iPhone, we have to uninstall the game, for this we click on the app for a few seconds and press the 'X'. Be careful not to delete it from your game center, as your progress is saved there. With this, it remains only to install it again in the store.

Possible reasons for this error

Being PUBG a global game, has a lot of load on its servers , so it could be the case that they collapse and no longer admit players for a few minutes. This, although slightly less likely, could be an explanation.

Other reasons may be more general and are the same as for many devices. On the one hand, it could be due to a problem with our phone's WIFI connection, as this affects a lot because the game must always be connected to the network. Therefore, if at the opening notes that the internet is unstable , will fall.

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The problem could also be due to the fact that the game had a bad update or that there was an outage at the time of installation, whether it was WIFI or the your cell phone was turned off , so important files may have been affected.

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