Solution to the error: "No subscription to service 33" Very easy!

Human beings are highly communicative beings and, in fact, our whole life is always spent in communication with other human beings with whom we also inhabit this earth. It is normal since the human being he is a social being and this led to the creation of a company.

Thanks to the creation of this society, humans have discovered many ways in which they can communicate effectively with each other. One way that instant and mass communication has been standardized has been cell phones, which have greatly facilitated the process of communication between people, making it possible for anyone to communicate with their counterparts. from anywhere in the world . However, many times these devices are prone to failures that affect their performance.

One that is rare, but very annoying, is when Android phones start showing a window that says "No subscription to service 33". This error is very easy to correct and therefore we will show it to you quickly.

    This is a problem you do check when our phone has errors while reading the SIM and, therefore, the mobile coverage service can be seriously compromised. When this happens, our phone will run out of signal and therefore we will not be able to make calls, receive phone data or receive and send SMS. This is terrible, it makes the phone essentially useless Aug stripped of its main features.

    The way the phone lets you know that this error is occurring is in the most annoying way, because instead of just telling you once when it starts to occur, it will notify you every time the phone detects the error. It does this via a pop-up notification which is very annoying as well takes up the entire screen.

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    Although this notification can be removed with the push of a button, its recurrence makes it very annoying for users. That is why many people when they have this error they prefer to remove their SIM card and start having free Internet on your mobile without apps. This means that they have no phone charges, but they cannot call or receive text messages.

    How can I fix the error without subscription to service 33 in a few steps?

    This is a procedure that doesn't require a lot of skill. As said before, the important thing is to know that this error is caused when there is a communication problem between our SIM card and the phone itself. This could cause a problem with the APN or Access Point Name, which are the credentials the phone uses for receive a signal from the antenna nearest telephone.

    If you belong to the different Spanish telephone companies, you will know that obtaining APN credentials is not a big deal. However, many people find just the basic service , which only gives you 2 g. That said, many people have focused their studies on finding out how to set up a Movistar 3g and 4g APN. This network is far superior and offers a very fast download speed.

    When your SIM works well, communication happens quickly. It is no secret that it is very annoying when this little Chip starts giving problems on the phone. One problem that many people have noticed is when the cellphone cannot access the 4G network in a normal way and are forced to force the 4G connection on the phone.

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    Turn on airplane mode

    Remove the SIM card or disable the

    Review and change the APN settings

    What tricks are there to correct this line error?

    It is important to remember that this problem is also caused by an immediate disconnection from the telephone network, so you may suspect that an outage in your telephone service is a reason that may be causing this. It is always important make sure all invoices are up to date, in so you don't have to face the hassle of not being able to receive or make calls with the "No subscription to service 33" code.

    Another thing we recommend that you do is that if you have a paper clip, you need to find the SIM slot and take it out to clean it. Be careful when you put it back, because it is very delicate and it can break.

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