Solution: What to do when a game closes by itself when I open it on PC?

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Games are a great source of entertainment, they help us distract ourselves, improve our skills and avoid stress. When entering the game of our choice, it has been observed that it closes immediately, which does not allow us to play calmly. This is why users are wondering what to do when a game only closes when I open it on the PC ? Resolving this error is possible and easy to do.

Installing games on your PC is a very simple process. But to be able to play without this error occurs, you will need to follow a series of simple steps , which will help you with any game where you observe this error.

Why does a game close when I open it on PC?

It must be said that games are very important for enhancing creativity, helping us a lot with our development. To play on our PC , there are tons of games, where some are completely free and others are very affordable.

Today many games have become very popular, being played by many people. But sadly, there are flaws when it comes to wanting to play one of them. These problems can occur for a variety of reasons, be it device problems or game problems . It is also observed that when playing these are blurred.

Fortunately, these errors are common among many users, who have reported their concern about this issue. To solve them you will have to apply several steps for get to the root of the error and make sure it doesn't repeat on your device and if for some reason it reappears, you already know the correct way to fix it.

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How to fix when a game only closes when you open it on PC?

The first thing you can do when the error occurs is to delete or delete the recycle bin and temporary files. Then try renewing your video card driver, as it may be damaged or out of date; during the update you will see that the problems with the games will be fixed.

Check the system requirements of the game, it is necessary that you carry out this investigation because it may happen that your device does not meet the requirements that the game system needs, if you observe that it does not have the sufficient requirements, new hardware will be needed.

You should also check the game cache, doing so can fix corrupted files. Open the software, find the game and press the right button, select "Properties" to see more information; Look for the option that says "Local Files" and click " Check the integrity of the files "to check the cache.

On the other hand, close non-essential software and clean startup windows , this will help you a lot before running the game, making it load correctly; To do this, look for the W + R key, to open "Run", enter the following "msconfig" to be able to click "OK" and you will see how a window opens.

Once there, press option "Start selective ", then uncheck the box that says" Load items "and look for the options of" Load services and use startup settings ", now go to the" Services "box where you will have to select 'Hide all Microsoft services'. Now select" Apply " and then "OK", doing so will restart Windows and voila, check to enter the game.

More ways to fix when a game crashes, only when you open it on PC

You can also try to optimize and speed up the games on your PC, this will help you solve the problem. You can also run the game in compatibility mode, you will have to press again Win + R on keyboard , enter the address of the Steam folder.

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Where you need to open the 'SteamApps' folder , enter the sub-folder, hit the game that doesn't load correctly and click on 'Properties', go to the button that says 'Compatibility'.

Once here, click "Run this program in compatibility mode " . Select Windows from the menu and hit apply and accept. Go back to your game and you will see how it loads and won't close when you open it.

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