Solution: Why am I late on Dota 2? How to improve fps in Dota 2

Through this guide we will talk a little about the performance and connection of Dota 2, answering the questions Why am I late in Dota 2? How to improve fps in Dota 2 , which is important to play in a much more comfortable way.

Solution: Why do I have LAG on Dota 2? How to improve FPS in Dota 2

Reasons you are late in Dota 2 and the importance of performance

Once you know what it is and how to play Dota 2 online, you need to focus on performance. The truth is, by today's standards, Dota 2 it is not a challenging video game , but its competitive playing condition means that the better the performance, the better the results can be while playing. Playing an underperforming competitive title is certainly not a good experience.

Performance and Internet connection go hand in hand, clearly for have a good performance you must have a competent team that meets the minimum requirements of Dota 2. As for the connection, it is relevant that it is not used while playing, otherwise it will generate the feeling of lag.

The truth is, the reasons why you are slow in Dota 2 and the ways to improve your FPS can be various. Even so, below, we'll show you the essentials you need to consider for have good performance in Dota 2 .

Cambia l'API in rendering in Dota 2

  • Once inside the game, go to the Settings options. To do this, simply press on "Gear" located at the top left of the screen.
  • Now go to the section "Video" , below you will find the "Render API in use". Many recommend using DirectX 11, as using this version has been shown to greatly help performance.
  • Even so, if your computer is really old, you may be better off with DirectX 9. Also in this section there is the option to select Vulkan. Vulkan is certainly exceptional in many titles, but this will depend on the computer you have, although it doesn't hurt to try it.
  • On the other hand, keep in mind that the "Maximum frames allowed per second" are equal to or greater than your monitor's refresh rate. If it is lower, you will definitely have the feeling of lag in Dota 2.
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Change the graphics options of Dota 2 to improve performance

Similarly, also in the graphics options, we find the configuration settings of Dota 2. You can choose to "Use basic settings", but surely by selecting the option "Use advanced settings" and doing a personal configuration is best.

If your computer is relatively modern, there is no problem using the graphics settings above. But if your PC isn't very good, it's best to disable all the extra solutions in this section and set the rest of the graphics to "Bass" o "Disabled" (in the case of shadows).

If you are not very aware of how to configure graphics, it is recommended that you use a monitoring tool. In fact, using MSI Afterburner to see CPU, GPU and RAM performance is one of the best options. This can help you get the graphics configuration that best suits your needs and therefore get better performance .

Maybe you are delayed due to Dota 2 connection problems

The delay could be due to network connection problems , Dota 2 is an online video game, so having a decent internet connection is important. When the connection is inadequate and the ping is high, the game seems to flinch.

For the above reason, it is highly recommended that you find ways to improve latency and reduce ping. This will undoubtedly have a direct impact on gameplay. Remember, Dota 2 is a competitive game, so performance and connection are essential aspects to consider.

Either way, if your team isn't up to par, there's always the option to remove Dota 2 from Steam as well look for another title a little lighter. Undoubtedly one of the best alternatives is to download League of Legends, which tends to work best with basic equipment.

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