Solution: Why does it tell me Call ended and hang up when I call a number?

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Undoubtedly, technology is here to stay and to serve us a lot, even more so our mobile phones that somehow shorten distances, change our communicative world. But in the same way, not everything is perfect nor do all mobile phones work optimally, the important thing is solve problems that they can present.

Whenever we need to communicate with a person for something that requires speed, let's go dial a call , it is quite common at the time of an emergency or that we need something specific.

As we are used to using calls like a quick way to get in touch with another person, something very different from what happens with SMS.

But what if the phone does not answer as we would like or responds very slowly. This can happen for many reasons, but we need to know which apps are consuming a lot of memory.

In another case, when we use these phone calls, there is the case that the call is terminated and this also happens for multiple reasons that we will show you below.

During the call, the call ended - Solutions

It is important to know one of the most common causes and this is the case we have no balance to call and for this reason it generates this error, but it is not always the case.

Well, it is almost always a system error, which although it somehow appears to you, it does not have a signal and you have to proceed to restart the phone to rule out that it is really the network signal.

If you don't have the option to restart or just don't want to, you can choose to put your mobile in airplane mode for a few minutes it will do the same effect, Other causes and the most common is that the person you are calling is really the one who doesn't have a signal e gets this error automatically on your mobile.

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Another solution would be to try to call another person to exclude that it is not that the other person has no signal or to verify in the same way that the telephone service is not in that moment off . Similarly, another solution would be to check that your SIM is in good condition, because that could be the reason why it generates this error as well.

Other ways to fix the "call ended" message

If suddenly you are on vacation and many people are agglomerated, the system tends to drown, due to the accumulation of people. the network tends to collapse for this reason another solution would be to move from that place for a few minutes while making the call.

Another case is that your line is cut that they have deleted it and you don't know it, maybe by mistake or not maintaining balance .

In these cases, you should go directly to the telephone company you use to find out what happened. Another solution is to talk to other people to see if they have the same problem as you or if they somehow have it got another solution and it works for you.

None of us who use cell phones want them to fail so it's important to keep up with everything, another case is that the applications have errors, so we have to fix the application error crashing.

Internet Internet calls

If it somehow gets late to resolve the call ended error, you can choose to make calls over the Internet , some social networks have the option or you can easily download an application for internet calling. With these fantastic tools provided by the world of the internet, we cannot leave this very useful option unnoticed.

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Currently it is very common for all of us to have a mobile phone and that has access to the internet even if we are in different countries, the important thing is to know the options if it is free you can make video calls via WhatsApp or simply a simple call through this application, it is free , but it's Internet access required .

Surely this option especially when these errors occur can be of great help, we cannot always go to traditional calls .

If we have internet we can choose this option. And if your mobile has other errors, you can choose to go to the company where you bought it and talk about the problems that are presented to you.

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