Solution: Why does my mobile screen go black when I turn it on?

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We are at the most advanced technological point of our entire species. Thanks to these advances, we created computers , which with the passage of time have evolved to the point of being able to put them in your pocket, even if originally they were devices that occupied entire rooms.

This meant that every person could have a computer, which, when it's in our pockets, we call Telephone. They have a number of special skills, the most basic of which are calling and receiving messages.

Other than that, with the passage of time these phones they have also made great progress , which is making great strides. In recent times, we have been able to include all the requirements for phones to perform tasks that require a lot of processing power, such as video games, image and video editing, etc.

We know these new types of phones come smartphone , which are the most common piece of technology today, as everyone we know has one.

How do you get a smartphone?

This is done by going to a technology store or in the electrical section of the convenience store more close in your area or city. Mobile phones usually have a fairly low investment cost, as you can get devices that are so cheap that they cost less than $ 100, while there are other much more luxurious options that exceed the $ 1000 limit.

Another way is purchase a telephone and a line with a telephone operator . In Spain there is Movistar or telephone. Additionally, you can enter other sites such as Mercadolibre, where you can purchase equipment from third parties. If you are going to use this option, consider that some equipment may arrive damaged and that it is very important to know how to distinguish if a phone is old, refurbished or new.

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What problems can smartphones have?

These are very varied. Usually, if our phones get very hot, it means they may have battery issues. This is bad for system performance, as it causes everything to run at a lower voltage than it should be.

Other than that, phones can have problems with the graphics , as they have graphics cards that can even stop working, as well as RAM, internal memory and Computing Processing Unit, or CPU for its acronym in English.

Other than that, the problems they can extend also to the operating system . This can prevent the phone from booting and to fix it you need to learn how to boot Android phone from recovery mode to set factory settings. Another very common problem is the screen, as this is the primary method of entering information or communicating with the phone.

In addition to the problems we talked about earlier, the screen sometimes can present problems which can range from malware interference, water splashing on it, to some problems caused by wear and tear on the phone's components.

Why does my mobile phone screen go black when I turn it on?

If this happens, we must take into account that yes it is an incredibly serious problem, because the vast majority of the time this happens, it means our phone has to go to a technician for a refurb.

The problems that cause this can be very varied. Remember that the screen itself is composed of a large number of pieces, each of which performs a specific function. Sometimes one of these components can be misconfigured or physically damaged. An example is the Flex-type cable that connects the screen to the phone's motherboard.

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Another problem could be that the Mica on your phone has been damaged. This it is a small sheet that remains between the layers that make up the screen. This problem can be caused by falls, water damage, overheating, and so on. If the screen stops working, it is important to know how to extract information from a broken screen phone.

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