Sony Bravia Smart TV: how to update installed apps

Smart TVs are presented as one of the most palpable examples of humanity's progress, for the simple fact of dedicating so much effort and dedication to the creation and constant improvement of an element. devoted to entertainment and distraction . The choice to invest time in the development of elements of taste and entertainment shows that humanity as a whole is making great strides in this area.

Such advances must be in agreement with the user's requests and wishes , together with the fact that the owner of the Smart TV must take care of it, and ensure its improvement, with simple actions such as updating the Smart TV Software. To which you can configure it to your liking, being able to download and install a screensaver, for example.

Under this precept, we must keep in mind that there are applications of great importance for use on Sony Bravia Smart TV, such as Google Chrome, as well as an infinite number of applications and games available for Sony Smart TV. But for them to work optimally, they need to be updated, so let's talk about how to update applications on Sony Bravia Smart TVs in a few steps.

How to update Android TV and apps via USB

If you have a television with Android TV that does not have access to the internet and you want to update it manually, you can do it via a USB flash drive. For this it is necessary download the update from the Sony support official .

Some advice before updating it with this method are that the USB flash drive must have certain conditions:

  • Among them, you need to format the drive with FAT16, FAT32, exFAT or NTFS format.
  • The drive must have enough space to store the update file.

start with the update via USB flash, go to the Sony support website, already on the official page in the search engine, write the model of your TV, examples of model names KD-55X9305C, KDL-55W805C, among others. If you don't know what model your TV is, you can find it on the label located in the lower left corner of the rear panel of your TV.

After it is clear what your TV model is, select download and press the firmware download button. Finally, continue with the instructions on the website to download the update to a USB flash drive to update your TV.

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Should I ignore an application update on Sony Bravia Smart TV?

Application and program developers, like manufacturing companies, are very concerned about the quality of the service which they offer and which also represent. And this is demonstrated in the effort to roll out updates for Sony Bravia Smart TVs, both in the software and in the applications that go hand in hand with the operating system company.

These upgrades are either mere luxury or mundane taste, they are measures in which Application enhancements will be offered , both in operation and in appearance, therefore the download of an available update should always be kept in mind as a priority, both for the Sony Bravia Smart TV, as for the application itself.

Updates include in many cases also fixes of possible errors or failures that an application may have, so ignore the possibility of improve the experience on Sony Smart TV it is not an option, we must always strive to improve whatever is possible, and more if it is something to our advantage.

Can you update pre-installed apps on a Smart TV?

Smart TV Sony Bravia , it is such a high-tech and quality equipment, you can think that its process for application updates is something very complex and delicate that deserves a lot of effort and the hands of a technology specialist. But nothing could be further from reality, in fact, it is something extremely simple that everyone can do, just by following these steps.

The first thing will be turn on the Sony Bravia Smart TV , so we will not go to the Play Store, where we will enter, once inside, we will choose in the section where it says "my applications".

In this space a list will be displayed, all the applications will be present for the update, to be able to do it, we just have to click on the space next to the name of the application, where it says "update" , or if not, you need to click on the 'update all' option

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This will start an internal command where the entire canon of existing applications that have an update available will be updated. But this involves a manual process. We can configure our Sony Bravia Smart TV , so that it is the one who performs application updates, when they are available, immediately.

Tools to update a Sony Bravia Smart TV

To perform an automatic update we will only need internet access as the main tool and our Gmail email. Now, in case the update is manual, we will need a PC, a USB cable or a USB flash drive or our phone.

Steps to get the latest version of the Play Store on my Smart TV

Before starting with the steps to get the latest version of the Play Store, it should be noted that this is global and therefore compatible with any TV model, as long as it meets the minimum requirements.

To start downloading the latest version of the Play Store, the simplest thing is to do it via a mobile phone or computer. Searching for the Android APK of Play Store and Google and proceeding to download. Then pass it via bluetooth, wifi or by inserting a pendrive in our Smart TV.

How to install new apps on an Android TV

To install new applications on our Sony Bravia Smart TV, first of all of course we need to have our TV turned on. Once our TV is started, we need to go to the middle section of our screen.

Then, by selecting our menu button, the Smart TV it will show us a menu with various applications . Among them, its default applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Disney Plus, the Google Chrome browser among other internal applications offered by our TV system.

To install a new application we need to locate the Play Store application , because here we have to search for the application we want to install. To do this, we need to perform the following procedure:

First, we must access the Play Store using our Google mail or also known as Gmail mail.

Once our Play Store session starts, it will show us a series of applications, here we have to look for the application we hope to install .

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So, it we select and let's make click install , now we just have to wait for it to be downloaded to be able to use it.

How long does it take to update the applications on my Sony Bravia Smart TV?

The time it takes to update applications is very relative, cannot be predicted with absolute precision . Well, this depends on many factors. For instance:

  • The speed of the Internet provided by your telecommunications company.
  • The size of the application you want to download.
  • The RAM memory congestion of your Smart TV.

Finally, time it will depend also the method you use to update applications , either manually using a USB flash drive, with a Micro USB card or automatically using a virtual store application on your Smart TV, such as Play Store.

Although usually the main factor today, the speed of the Internet, no longer be a reason for the delay in the download of applications, since today the speed of the Internet is so high that we can download applications in minutes, I even have seconds.

If you update the applications automatically using the Play Store virtual store, the procedure is simpler and simplified , as our TV is Smart, i.e. intelligent and can be configured to automatically download and install applications.

How to make Sony Brava Smart TV automatically update its applications?

Comfort must always be an element in our life, it cannot be justified that we all have the means for comfort , and not take advantage of it, sometimes it happens out of ignorance, which must be remedied.

A simple action like updating the an application on the Sony Bravia Smart TV , can be overlooked very lightly, which is why the Smart TV can be configured, so that it is aware of application updates and executes them accordingly.

We just have to go to the Play Store and refer to the internal options space, we will try the one titled "Auto Update App" , which we will press and selecting the option to update at any time, we will have the guarantee that Smart TV will update automatically.

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