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If you've been using Google Photos for a while, you may have wondered: How can I sync my photos from Google Photos to my PC ? This is in order to better manage our content.

Since its launch in the 2015, Google Photos has been one of the best places to save and back up Photo and video. Through this application, we can be sure that we will not lose access to our photographs. Among other things, it includes very optimal benefits, such as the ability to make backups and backup copies. Also have the opportunity to share our photos with other people.

Sync Google Photos with File Explorer for PC
Steps to start syncing Google Photos on PC

Download Google Photos for PC

First of all, if we want to synchronize with our photos, we will have to download the Google app. Because of this we will have to log into our Gmail account , so that the browser detects and accesses all other services. Then we can access Google Photos via the list of icons that Google offers us when we click on our photo.

install the program

When we enter the photo menu, we will have to click on utilities, located on the left of the screen. So if we look to the right, there will be a button for "create a backup on your computer". If we click here it will direct us to the page where we can download the installer. Once downloaded we will only have to click on Next and then accept. From there you can also see how much space you have available.

Choose the folders to sync with Google photos

Once all of the above is ready, we will have to go to the taskbar to find the small icon corresponding to Google Photos. In it we will have to right click to access the preferences. By clicking here we can mark which folders we want to synchronize with our computer. We will have to mark some of our photo folders.

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In the end we will only have to click on apply and the folder we have selected will start the download. This folder will keep the same name and we will be able to access its contents even without having an internet connection. If you have lost the photos during the process, you can try to recover them. This from the same browser but you will need to have the internet to try to recover them.

How can I sync new photos to the cloud?

With the above steps, we can download one or more folders from our cloud, to be able to manage them with our explorer. However, it can happen that when you want to upload new photos, you notice that they remain static.

For this reason we have to upload them ourselves, this is a semi-automatic process, because we will only have to mark the folder, not go up one by one. Plus, we won't have to worry about duplicating existing files. This because Google Photos itself is in charge of comparing old fillet with those we will upload new ones.

From the app on our desktop, we will have to go back to the preferences but this time we will have to click on 'backup'. From here we can select one or more folders , then we need to select the accept button so that they are saved as a backup.

When done, go to the Google page and select to upload the backup. Scanning of the computer for a backup . Then only the new photos will be uploaded and the existing ones will be discarded. It should be noted that this type of upload can be done from our WhatsApp, with our mobile phone.

How can uploading our photos be useful for us?

Services like that offered by Google are very important today, because most of our devices are connected to the cloud. So this is a great way to save our data.

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Furthermore, if the your photos or videos are synchronized with the cloud , you can rest assured for any physical breakdown. Since computers, cell phones or equipment in general can fail.

We recommend that you take into account that it is worth uploading your photos to the cloud. This is because sometimes the services of this style they give us limited space.

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