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Video games are one of the most evolving franchises, adding new episodes and updating those already available. Whatever the console used and whatever the genre, there are an immense amount of options available, so which game to choose?

If you have tried to find the right game for you, without success, we invite you to try a list of tips that we have prepared in which we collect the best action and adventure games per Android e PC , which you can download for free as long as your PC and device are optimized for video games.

So, so that you can have fun alone or with friends, we have tried to compile games that make a positive contribution to your brain, while still being fun and entertaining. Why do we emphasize this concept? We explain it to you below.

    The main function of video games

    The main focus when using video games as a means of entertainment should culminate in a healthy experience, one that stimulates concentration, attention and creativity at the same time that is enjoyable and fun. Video games must be able to deliver an improvement in the user's responsiveness ; as well as in leadership and the way strategies are created and planned.

    Stimulating unconsciously this series of elements, the user translates into a better person while having fun. On the other hand, there are a large number of video games that do not provide adequate stimulation on the aforementioned features and completely absorb the users.

    In the case of action games, the player uses elements such as response time in the face of impending obstacles, dexterity and reaction speed throughout the story, allowing the user to increase these attributes to pass different tests. For their part, adventure games are characterized by challenging players to solve challenges , in which elements of science fiction or mystery intervene that force them to beware of new threats, which facilitates the experience and accelerates the mental abilities of the player.

    For these reasons, the list of recommendations includes a variety of games that perform this function, but at the same time present a captivating and complete theme .

    What are the best free adventure games to download?

    This genre of video games allows the user to enter the skin of an avatar to advance in the scenario and plot of the game; at the same time perform missions , investigate, complete riddles or riddles and face different enemies to achieve victory.

    Adventure games in addition to simple comparison are characterized by presentation of a background explaining the origin of events as you progress through the game.

    For Android

    Alto's Adventure : this game has scenarios which are complemented by visual appeal and soothing sounds; Alto's Adventure results in one of the funniest and most popular free adventure games in the genre. In the game you will have to accompany Alto a glide along the hills of the Alps , enigmatic forests and several mysterious ruins.

    In Alto's Adventure the player will have to perform stunts, collect coins along the way, overcome drastic weather changes and complete missions to unlock new characters and pass each level.

    Eerskraft : This is an excellent free option for those who want to enjoy a Minecraft-style game. In the world of Eerskraft, the user will have the task of constructing different buildings by collecting the appropriate materials to make it, enjoying the colorful 3D graphics. This game also allows you to freely explore the world of Eerskraft and in survival mode the player will be able to face different monsters.

    Rayman Adventures : Through an ancient world and rather surprising fantasy settings, the player must help Rayman to get the magic balls that support an ancient sacred tree that gives life to the place. In Rayman Adventures the player will have to overcome different obstacles and face different enemies while unraveling the secrets of the place with the help of their pets.

    Jungle adventures 3 : This adventure game combines visual appeal with the platforming genre. Compared to its previous versions, Jungle Adventures and Jungle Adventures 2, this installment of the series has added theme and display improvements of the game.

    In Jungle Adventures 3 the player will have to go through the different levels of the scenarios overcoming obstacles and facing the bad guys with the help of their special skills and their pets.

    Caso criminal : Combine the best of adventure and research games, as the player will have the opportunity to help the city investigative service solve different murder scenarios while find the hidden clues in each level . In Criminal Case the player can analyze every clue to obtain the necessary evidence and find the perpetrator among the suspects.

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    Mini football : is a very fun, simple and easy to play soccer game that has up to 5 different scenarios for each game, which improve as the player increases their level in the game. Mini Football also includes an accuracy test of the shot on goal that the game offers you from time to time and as you do it well you will get different rewards.

    This game has the feature that allows you to fully customize the team , to which you can incorporate new players as you win in Tournaments. In the Duel game mode, you can challenge an opponent by betting coins which you can use to upgrade your team among other options.

    Typoman Mobile : This is the only advice game that is not available in the Google Play Store, but you can download it for free at Uptodown for Android. It is an action and adventure game whose world of soft lights and shadows it changes according to the meaning of the words that the player forms along the way by collecting the letters scattered in each scenario.

    Each level of Typoman Mobile has unique sounds that keep the player on their toes as they progress through the scenarios and solve the corresponding puzzles to complete each chapter.

    For PC

    TERA : This adventure game has the feature that the character's abilities are not emphasized during the tour of the scenarios, but rather that he pays more attention and emphasizes the user's skill and agility in facing every obstacle in the game. To fight against enemies, the player will not need to select the opposing character to face, as TERA has the "Real Action Combat" system.

    TERA presents a captivating and colorful fantasy world , where players can choose from seven different races to play alone or in the company of other players. In addition to the races, each player can choose from thirteen different classes which include Lancer, Berserker, Sorcerer, Ninja and Valkyrie just to name a few options.

    Warframe : The game offers an interesting theme, developed in a future after the apocalypse, in which the game's protagonist must face multiple enemies using the special abilities granted by his armor known as Warframe.

    As the player progresses through the TERA scenarios, he must discover the origin of his race and the events that gave rise to the apocalypse. The player's goal is to collect weapons, pets and various tools that allow him to achieve victory.

    Dauntless : In this game the player takes on the role of a hunter, also known as a Slayer, and will have to face monsters called Behemoths who can use the elements of nature and keep the fantastic world of Dauntless permanently subdued. The player can go through the different levels alone or in company through the cooperative game mode which allows you to add three more players to the game.

    In Dauntless, the player's goal is to complete different missions to get rewards and upgrade their weapons with them to face the beasts of the game. Also, the player will be able to create weapons yourself , with the help of counterfeiters, and use special abilities while having energy lanterns in their power.

    Path of Exile : This is an RPG where the player enters a dark world full of monstrous and deadly creatures . In this game, the user has to go through the scenarios of the abandoned world of Wraeclast, which has caves and underground cells full of enemies, as well as external areas where they will have to perform different missions to increase their level of experience and skills.

    A unique feature of Path of Exile is that the zones that characters enter are randomly generated, increasing the player's alertness throughout the game's entire journey. The player can choose seven different classes for his character , but the avatar's abilities do not depend on any of them, but develop over the course of the game.

    Durango Wildlands : Although it is a game for Android devices, you can download it for free on your computer using an emulator . It is an excellent and fun adventure and survival game with quite wide and complete scenarios, located in a primitive world where lethal dinosaurs abound.

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    The Durango Wild Lands theme consists of traversing the different scenarios of the place while the player faces different threats and enemies. Also, during the tour, it is possible to build a house, collect herbs and fruits , cook, create different tools and weapons to face the dinosaurs and pass the levels.

    Beyond Blue : The game can be installed for free and without any difficulty on the computer; the proposed theme consists in the exploration of the deep oceans through the eyes of an expert diver. The game has no dangerous missions or missions that require the use of special skills to perform them, as the main focus of Beyond Blue is to explore the ocean without anything else.

    As you explore the bottom of the sea, you will have to scan species that you find along the ocean and at the same time check the reliability of the lighting system that has been installed on the seabed.

    EVE Online : Although it is not possible to install this game on your computer, it can be played completely free of charge on the Internet. EVE Online offers a space theme set in space, where the player will be able to choose a race for their avatar from the four available of the five that fight for resources in the game.

    EVE Online understands the quality of not present a specific plot , as the story unfolds through the decisions made by all players registered on the platform. The player can also select a profession for his character, be it combat, mining, trade or crafting; As well as navigating any of EVE Online's star systems as you face arduous battles for resources.

    Genshin impact : is a captivating RPG that offers an open world full of fantasy. In Genshin Impact, players travel through different scenarios as strangers as they perform various missions that reveal the story of the game. Players can use different avatars as they like, each of which has unique abilities to control the elements.

    List of the best free action games to download

    This genre of video games, despite being often classified as a shooter, is one of the most various and large combinations of elements . Action games also include other sub-genres in their storyline, such as platforming games and hand-to-hand combat.

    For Android

    NOVA Legacy : This is a first person shooter simulation game where the main character travels through the game scenarios facing a deadly alien race that has invaded his world. In NOVA Legacy the player can enjoy the story mode by giving the hunt for aliens and unveiling the game's storyline, or even access multiplayer mode to take on other players in Arena-style combat.

    Critical operations : Gives users a new game system that allows you to customize games in based on the player's skills. It is possible to play games for clashes between two teams, battles to the death and confrontation games between player and player. Critical Ops allows you to use different weapons for each fight the player wishes to develop.

    Bullet league APK : brings all the excitement to Android users of Battle Royale games capturing her in a simple but exciting game. The game has received good acceptance among players, has simple controls, fast games and a very original art style. The game features 2D scenarios which makes it a Mario Bros-like game.

    Despite its 2D structure, one notable difference in the game is the vertically mobile environments , which allow you to scale various platforms to fight enemies. In Bullet League APK you can compete against real players (you can include up to 30 users in each match), where users are organized into teams of three players to perform team matches, or you can also face solo against the rest of the players to get victory.

    Call of Duty Mobile : This game includes maps of its iconic console episodes and new battle locations in its scenarios. Call of Duty Mobile offers the player the opportunity to advance through the game levels to obtain new weapons, new characters, armor and tools for customize the equipment .

    This game can be played in solo mode or in group games that combine different game modes. Battle Royale scenarios with a maximum of one hundred players , team fights, player versus player duels or even one player versus others are some of the gameplay options in Call of Duty Mobile.

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    Guns of Boom : is an attractive action game that features a distinctive cartoon design for the application. The player has the opportunity to customize his character and his weapons in freedom, to subsequently face player versus player or multiplayer battles in a large number of available scenarios.

    PUBG Mobile : This is a Battle Royale game where the player enters a fairly limited scenario in terms of resources, weapons, supplies and vehicles, which triggers the fight between all players in the game. PUBG Mobile also offers the game option of team , to get the victory in a more exciting way or to face battles to the death with firearms between the sides.

    For PC

    Valuing : Despite being one of the newest video games, Valorant offers exciting new additions to action and first person shooter games. In this game it will be crucial create strategies before entering the battlefield as it is played in teams of five players and each game has 12 rounds.

    In Valorant there are different game modes ranging from classic 2-round games to non-competitive mode and deathmatches. Main firearms include machine guns, pistols, shotguns, and sniper rifles. At the end of the first round of the classic game, the attack team becomes the defense team and vice versa.

    Cross Out : This is a new vehicle game where the main focus isn't exactly racing. In Cross Out, the player has the ability to constantly create and improve the vehicle he owns, as well as being able to add new firearms for battles against other players or the system, while performing small missions during games.

    This game has a futuristic theme in an apocalyptic world, where the players after themselves faced in combat with their cars , they will be able to obtain rewards that will allow them to progress through the different levels of the game. Additionally, these rewards include new weapon and vehicle parts for the player.

    scavengers : is a multiplayer game that features the ability to play against other players and against the machine . In this game the fights take place in teams, where the players will have to face teams of other users and teams controlled by the game system.

    In Scavengers the game's storyline combines the changes in the setting with the dynamics of the game, causing the avatar to be influenced not only by its enemies, but also by time or by beasts that its environment maintains. Feature that forces the player to remain alert to any imminent threats around him.

    Apex Legends : is a free action game for PC of the type Batlle Royale full of adventure. The player will have the opportunity to go through the different scenarios by performing stunts to climb buildings, overcome slopes and hang on the cableways to overcome obstacles and traps set by the enemy team.

    In Apex Legends the player has different types of firearms, including revolvers and automatic pistols, shotguns, shotguns and machine guns. In addition, the avatar has abilities that allow him to set traps in scenarios, restore the health of teammates, create portals in the game and request air support for combat.

    Enlisted : The plot of this game takes the player to the top events of the Second World War . The player can go through the different scenarios that simulate the real fields of the Second World War, accompanied in teams of 4 or 9 soldiers as he prefers to face the enemy army.

    In Enlisted, users can select team matches or solo matches on the battlefield of their choice. Using weapons da fire such as machine guns, shotguns, flamethrowers and sniper rifles, players will be able to switch to any character on their team to try and achieve victory at all costs.

    Although the list of recommendations does not include an infinite number of video games, as the adventure and action genres are some of the largest and coarsest, we hope you can try some of our recommendations and that you will like them. Keep in mind that the most important thing is have fun without neglecting mental health e le responsibility essential.

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