The best apps to open a garage or electric gate using your mobile

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With the technological boom every day it is more common to use mobile applications for endless daily activities such as, for example, opening a garage or an electric gate without the need for a remote control; In other words, for this you simply have to use your smartphone , being a very useful and versatile option.

In the same way, you can count on this system without necessarily requiring an expert , because currently there are pre-designed modules that you just need to install in your garage and I simply check if your gate system can be connected to any of the available applications. If not, we will indicate the most outstanding apps that will help you open your garage with your smartphone or smartphone quickly and safely.

The best applications you can use to open your garage using your mobile phone

To get started on the internet you will find countless applications that will help you simplify various tasks or activities.A simple example is the applications to take care of your heart health. Since these not only help you take care of yourself but also indicate what your heart is like in general. Similarly, applications to open your garage have the goal to simplify your day and prevent you from having to get out of your car . Among the most notorious apps you will find on the net, the following models stand out.

Box auto

This option is an available app that you can install quickly and safely to control your gate; as it is compatible with various modules on the market. To use it, you just need to check your garage has 1 door station and also includes 2 Bluetooth BLE channels.

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On the other hand, it must be said that this option is one of the most versatile, since it is possible to connect or couple it to more modules to simplify this work more; In this case, devi alone identify each gate or garage with a unique name or alias in so that the unit and the App can clearly identify the order you will provide with your mobile. An example would be "house gate" and "office garage".

In general, users say that this application is an excellent option, as it is compatible with almost all Bluetooth modules that can be bought online.

Parking door

Parkingdoor is another application that you will find to open your gate or garage using your smartphone, as this, like many other systems, implements the most sophisticated technological advances. In this case, this system has as its spearhead the complete automation of both work and domestic environments. This is why home automation is fully used,

In general, this system consists of a module or hardware that must be installed in the gate that you want to control; then you will have to download the application from the Play Store on your mobile phone and you will be able to check the opening and closing of your garage without problems. One of the most important features is that this App allows you to add and remove users , that is, you will be able to decide whether other members of your home or business will be able to open and close the gate.

Other apps


This is another very useful application that you can implement to open the gate of your house or garage; being one of the more practical options, since it will activate when you make a call , that is, only by calling the gate will it open automatically. To do this, simply download the App and configure it by selecting a telephone number which will be the one indicated to enable the garage. It should be noted that this type of system is compatible with almost all modules on the market.

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Finally, you have surely noticed that applications nowadays serve to cover many of the needs that arise; Since with these you will not only be able to open the gate of your home, but you will also be able to check some health parameters and you can also use applications to manage money and not have complications in your financial life.

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