The best games for girls to play without an internet connection on Android or iPhone

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If you need to distract a girl on a flight for many hours, offline games can be your best allies. You don't need a data or Wi-Fi connection to use them wherever you want.

The best games for girls to play without an internet connection on Android or iPhone

My talking Angela

It is one of the most played for the amount of interactions the game has. Angela is a cat that needs to be cared for to feed, groom and dress. It is like a small pet with many options for hair, makeup and dressing.

Includes fun little minigames, as well as being able to interact with her by repeating what you say, but in a higher voice. It is free and available in the Android and iOS stores.

Kawaii Coloring Book Glitter

A game with more than sixty pages of Kawaii coloring books. It doesn't matter if you are a child or an adult, if you are a Kawaii lover you will love it. You can color with glitter unicorns and kawaii mermaids.

It is a great stimulus for develop creativity by coloring animals, stars, food. At the end of the drawing, you can place some striking stickers and share the image on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Girl in the mall

A fun game in which one girl goes shopping in the largest number possible shopping centers famous. Beyond that you have the opportunity to purchase hundreds of things and if they are in better deals.

The character can try on all the fashionable clothes and accessories. It is a game to spend hours shopping in relaxation and without the need to be connected to the Internet.

Masha and the bear game

A whole world to discover with Masha and the Bear educational games. There are thirty educational games especially for children up to 6 years old. There are six different game categories in which Masha will have the funniest adventures together with her friends.

He can paint and color pictures, solve word searches, compose puzzles, learn multiple languages ​​and memorize objects. Above all, they will learn while having fun. If your daughter is a fan of the series, she will surely love it because all the characters from the television series are there.

Pony Princess Academy

It is one of the most popular games among girls since it is based on the popular My Little Pony series. Find out how to make up would-be princesses with the best makeup techniques.

Choose trendy clothes and make them perfect. They will be the prettiest in school and you will spend hours having fun. Some of characters from the series are present and you can choose from four aspirants to turn her into a princess.

For those who love the classics

If there's one game that doesn't go out of style and where you can spend hours playing without noticing, it's Subway Surfer. Jake Tricky and Fresh they have to run at full speed because they are being chased by a grumpy inspector and his dog. It won't be that easy because they have to dodge the trains along the way.

Use a jetpack or slide on your Aero super skate, but the goal is not to get caught. A very fun game that you can play anywhere without the need for an Internet connection  and it's free.

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