The names of my contacts are not displayed in WhatsApp on my mobile

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It is very likely that at times we have to face some difficulties that we do not know why they occur. And these problems, believe it or not, are very easy to solve, this is the case with WhatsApp, which can sometimes have complications that can almost drive me crazy. We will touch on one here and show you what to do if the names of my contacts DON'T are displayed in WhatsApp on my mobile.

The names of my contacts are not displayed in WhatsApp on my mobile

Identifying our contacts on WhatsApp is of the utmost importance, it is also possible that you can post a profile photo of each of them. Although we know that its way of working is very simple, it is sometimes possible that it causes these kinds of problems for its users. And sometimes this is due to improper use of the application and we don't know how to undo it. As we told you, its solution is simple and you will know what to do when the names of my contacts do not appear in WhatsApp on my mobile.

There are extremely important aspects in the configurations of applications such as WhatsApp that for various reasons can present this complication. But just as this problem appeared, we will make it disappear, you just need to follow the steps we show you here and apply it when the names of my contacts are not displayed in WhatsApp on my mobile.

    As you well know, contact names are used to identify people you have added on your mobile, you can even add emojis so they can attract more attention. But this is a very common mistake that occurs on smartphones, when the names of my contacts do not appear in WhatsApp on my mobile . And we can only see the numbers, but we ask you not to be alarmed, because you will not lose your contacts, this problem has a solution and you will find it here.

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    The possible solutions, yes because i will teach you two ways you can fix it, if one way doesn't work for you, it will surely work the other way. What you need to do is the following, for the first solution we will go to our mobile device and in it we will select the Settings option.

    Once this is done, we will see all the options we can choose, but we will click on Accounts, then we will see all the accounts that we have added to our mobile phone. But we will select the one that is giving us problems in our case WhatsApp. And here we will select Last sync.

    After pressing, the contacts option will appear, but we will go to the upper right part of the screen. And here we will find the icon with three vertical dots, we will press and two options will appear. Synchronize Now and Remove Account, we will select the Remove Account option.

    When you do, a window will appear with the following information Remove account? If you remove this account, all your messages and other data on your phone will be deleted. You need to select the Remove account option. Don't worry about doing this, as your account won't be deleted.

    Now let's leave this window and go to the WhatsApp application , being inside it we will press icon to send a message to a new person. Then the Contact, New Group, New Contact window will appear. But we'll go back to the top right of the screen and click on the three dot icon.

    Several options will appear but we have to select Update and this should solve the problem of not displaying the names of my contacts in WhatsApp on my mobile. If in this way you do not solve your problems, you can apply the second solution that we are about to offer you and it is the following.

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    To perform the following method, you will go to the mobile and select the Settings option, you will find a series of options but you have to choose Applications. Once inside the application window, we will search for what interests us and is WhatsApp . When we find it, we have to press to enter.

    Being inside we will select the permissions option, there we will see different options but we will go to the top where the three points are and select. The option All permissions and we select. Now you just have to restart your phone and in this way you will have solved the problem. Remember that you can edit or change the name of a contact on WhatsApp as many times as you deem necessary.

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