Tips and tricks to get to the last round and win in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

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Winning in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is one of the things that all gamers want the most, so here are some tricks. You should know that there is an immense amount of them, therefore we have tried to get the best ones.

Tips and tricks to get to the last round and win in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

      Come vincere in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout?

      First of all, it is necessary to comment a little on each of the game mode , so it will be easier for you to understand how to win. The main ones are the races, a fun way to learn the dynamics of the game.

      Instead, you'll find team minigames, a way to get a little help and advance with great ease. One of the funniest is the survival mode, where the fun doesn't really stop, you have to be very fast.

      Eventually you'll find the climax rounds, these where everything you've learned will be needed to win. Of course the tricks that we will give you below will be of great help in winning all the prizes.


      One of the most extensive and more options playing methods, you should know some general tricks and others unique to the type of race . First, we will tell you some of the tricks that will work for you at all times.

      These characters are humanized, so some of their abilities are the same as humans, this is due to jumping. Keep in mind that when you jump, your character will always slow down, so you should think carefully about each jump.

      Another great idea in racing is to stay in the crowd, i.e. not too far forward, not too far back. This way you guarantee your ranking and you can avoid obstacles with great skill.

      More specifically, in Breakneck Heights, to win Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout you have to go all the way or predict the balls. In this race it's smart to run on platforms that go in the direction of the end, they don't slow you down.

      Dodge and fall is one of the short races, avoid falling and avoid fruits, this will be enough, in Punch Gallery, if you go first, run; in case you come out last, go down and slide through the pink substance, this will make your character advance and recover before the others, giving you a big advantage.

      team minigames

      In general this part will depend a lot on your team, there are several game modes where the most important thing is to collaborate. Take a position within the team and do your part to the best of your ability, it's the only way to move forward easily.


      These are one of the funniest games , although not always, depending on the mode, they stay behind so that the others fall first. Use the grab option to get rid of some funny ones and try at all costs to reach the end of the track.

      What do you need to do to win in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout last rounds?

      Hexagonia and Majareta Mountain are the final stages of this great game, keep in mind that it won't be easier to win because of this. You must have a lot of skill and taking care to learn the important facts from the previous games.

      In Hex, take yourself time to consider a correct path and don't get too close to edges or the group. The large number of players wears down the floor quickly and you will be left with no way out, avoid jumping to fall, this will cause you to fall several floors.

      When we talk about Crazy Mountain, it becomes a combination of skills, firstly, don't jump on the initial pass or you will lose speed. Always go to the right side and if you go forward, let the clubs push you and carry on.

      These tricks can also come down to practice, take your time and play a few games trying them out, you'll do them better each time. These are the best ways to win in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout and of course match it with your gaming skills.

      Until now Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout nothing else is available for PS4 console and for PC, in order to acquire it on PC it must have certain characteristics that support the game; Both devices give you the option to acquire the game by purchasing it, although you also have the option to acquire it for free.

      Many users are waiting for the game to be available for Xbox, iPhone and Android devices.

      Other game options in the Battle Royale category that may attract your attention are Fornite or Free Fire , in both of which you can create your avatar according to your preferences and face other players.

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