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If you've been using computers and mobile phones for a while, you've probably heard of "malware". So, if you've wondered what e how to get rid of a 'trojan dropper' virus or malware ? Well, here we will tell you about this important topic.

We have always been exposed to threats against our computers. Since computer viruses have always existed to threaten us. Unfortunately these have evolved and can now infect our cell phones as well. In this case we will talk about the Trojan Dropper, which is a malware, very different from a worm or a common virus.

What is a Trojan Dropper malware?

Trojan viruses are known for their ease of infecting computer equipment. Putting their integrity at risk, then getting infected with them, can lead to problems with our computer hardware as well. Some even damage the cache memory, that is responsible for storing useful system files.

The case of Trojan Droppers is very special, because they are a type of Trojan that carries malware and is very effective in its work. Can come disguised as any useful program that we want to install on our PC. Furthermore, it will have the ability to damage any type of information.

One of the factors that make them so harmful and dangerous once we have infected our computer. It is that these can be disguised as key system folders, so it is very difficult to identify at first glance what they are. For this reason there have been cases where you install applications and bring these viruses with them, it is essential to protect yourself from these malware.

Another determining factor is that these viruses can infect any type of file. Switching from programs to any multimedia file is highly harmful for our mobile devices. Since these they constantly receive multimedia information.

How to prevent our devices from getting infected with the Trojan Dropper virus

Infection of any virus it is avoided with prevention , which involves changing the way we interact with our computers and cell phones. That said, we will teach you how to avoid Trojan Dropper infection based on some helpful tips.

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Tips for avoiding infection

As in many cases, the best advice to avoid getting infected is to be very careful when installing applications. This both on our PC and on our mobile, this is what is always said on this topic. However, it is known that it is very difficult to identify when an app is malicious.

In these cases we can avoid install modified apps. These are very common when we want to get a program that uses a license, totally free. Unfortunately, we don't know if the licensee also adds malicious content. Or it could also be the case that someone else downloaded the app to insert malware into it.

This is very common on the internet, and more of these pirated programs they have no support whatsoever. They don't even have a community that supports and controls them. For this reason, it is always best to obtain our software legally, via its official websites or via the app store.

Trojan.Dropper.Agent: can it be a false positive on our computer?

Trojan Droppers are only a specific type of virus, so they can create confusion in your antivirus software. In other words, a normal program can be mistaken for a Trojan Dropper, that is be a false positive .

Anyway, before you think like this, è meglio analyze the behavior of the computer and then determine whether it has a virus or not.

Symptoms that the computer shows when it has the virus

  • Data loss I Corrupted or damaged data is a sign of a virus.
  • Restart: an unexpected restart for no reason is reason to think you have a virus.
  • Pop-up: programs that open themselves: if programs appear suddenly or applications are opened randomly.
  • General errors: Computer shutdowns, error messages, and other "causeless" errors are signs of a possible virus.
  • The system does not update: It is common for Trojan Dropper and other viruses to block Windows updates, if the system does not update, you should be vigilant.
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Ways to permanently remove Trojan Dropper malware

There is a lot we can do to clear a Trojan Dropper, but it's best to try the proven methods we'll talk about.

Use TDkiller

You can download TDSkiller from Kaspersky to remove Trojan Dropper viruses, most importantly, the application is free. Download TDSkiller and run it to scan and remove the virus dal system . Its operation is simple, clicking on "Start Scan" will start scanning your computer for viruses.

Remove with MalwareBytes

MalwareBytes download is another alternative, likewise, you just have to download it, run it and the program will scan your computer for threats . Like TDSkiller, MalwareBytes is free and can be downloaded from its official website.

Chamaleon (alternative when MalwareBytes is blocked)

The folks at MalwareBytes also have Chameleon, a viable option for scan your computer for Trojan Dropper and other types of viruses. Either way, we recommend that you use the main MalwareBytes tool before this.


MalwareBytes ha another file cleanup tool , it targets junkware, but it can work to remove Trojan Dropper virus from your system.

CCleaner to repair temporary files and logs

After using some or all of the tools above, you can use CCleaner to clean your computer's logs . By using the Registry and Troubleshooter option, you will keep your PC clean after a Trojan Dropper or other virus attack.

Steps to manually remove Trojan Dropper Agent

If no antivirus works, you can try manually remove Trojan Dropper virus . A good option is to use the task manager and analyze those suspicious processes. If you see a program that you don't use or looks suspicious to you, analyze it.

After a thorough analysis (for which it is advisable to know something about IT) you can proceed to delete the file, i.e. go to its location and delete the .EXE and related files . In any case, we emphasize that you need to know what you are doing.

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How can I remove it from my PC and Android?

If we are already been infected by a Dropper , we will notice it right away, because both our PC and our mobile will become very slow and difficult to work. For this reason, we must act as quickly as possible in the case of PC. We will need to use an antivirus to identify and eliminate the threat.

Programs to remove Trojan Dropper malware on Android

We can use 360 or any of the other antiviruses we've mentioned, although we recommend the ones that let you have a trial version so you don't have to spend any money. In this case we will use the free version of Avast, which we will find on its main page. What we will need to do is install it and proceed with the scan of our system. Hopefully, the virus will be eliminated.

If we are from Android, what we can do in the first instance is start our mobile phone in safe mode. At the end of the upload we have to go to the configuration section. Once here we can go to the application manager, from there we have to look for an app that has a meaningless name and delete it.

To eliminate it, we will do the same as when we eliminate any app , click on it and tap the uninstall button. Since we are in safe mode, we will not have permission problems and we can delete this and any other app.

Alternative processes to remove Trojan Dropper Agent

Undoubtedly, Windows Defender is a great option to eliminate viruses like Trojan Dropper Agents, so it's something you shouldn't rule out. In turn, don't be afraid to look beyond all the options mentioned above, as long as they are reputable programs.

Another fully functional option is format your computer , but this involves backing up your data and is a bit more laborious. Either way, it is a viable option if you are unable to delete this Trojan Dropper Agent malware on your PC or Android.

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