What are Big Data and what are they for? What uses does it have?

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In order for companies to collect a large amount of information in real time and quickly, they use data systems that speed up this work. Next, we show you what are Big Data, what serve e how its resources are contributing to business planning and promotion.

    It is the size of the mass calculation data, Big Data manages and processes data on a large scale , which has fast coverage and performance. The information is requested as a remote process, regardless of whether it is registered in the company database or according to the set goal.

    Big Data has a data storage capacity , which adapts to the information requests of companies, becoming more versatile every day. Before providing the data, they underwent an analysis, which allows us to extract what is needed for the development of the consumer market.

    Origin of the data

    Basically the information comes from the simplest and most everyday methods that people use every day and every moment.

    • While browsing the Internet via any social network.
    • With the ' sending and receiving emails.
    • Transactions.
    • Biometric readers , such as the use of body recognition.
    • Any type of communication transmission provides the data.

    What are Big Data for?

    Since it is about an almost infinite amount of information , it is logical to want to know what we can do with it and how Big Data works.

    • It records information from different sources so that it can be processed by other programs.

    • Analyzing behavior on the web: Through daily surfing on the Internet, people expose their preferences and tastes.
    • Identify specific models: Interested institutions can specifically obtain the data they need for their market.
    • Extract the data value and fit it: Based on this data, companies can make changes that allow them to revamp or innovate methods.
    • Improve effectiveness: You can get better uses of raw materials, costs and projects in the future by being more efficient.
    • Consumption is measured: According to consumption needs, it is possible evaluate how productive the service is , based on the data collected.
    • Digital information is extracted from potential customers - usually this information is provided by the customer himself.
    • Digital Marketing Tool: For digital service providers, it is more useful to reach more consumers by having a large database.
    • Multinational companies measure their performance, the scope of work thanks to this digital data and they can establish their competition with other companies.
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    Uses and applications of Big Data

    Big Data has been used for years in different aspects, such as the ones that appear below and new fields will emerge in which they will use this tool.

      Although it is something that may go unnoticed, it is extremely important in the development of organizations and how this helps adapt to better functioning. Take advantage of the continuous and long list of computer data provided by Big Data, analyze and extract what allows for strategic planning of objectives.

      Big data types

      Le types of Big Data They are the following; structured data, unstructured data and semi-structured data. Structured data keeps its length and format well defined, that is, it is designed, such as we have dates, character strings and numbers.

      Unstructured data lacks a format and length, including atmospheric data, photographs and surveillance cameras. Finally, there is semi-structured data which is nothing more than a mixture of structured data with unstructured data, such as web pages.

      According to its origin

      I dati in based on its origin they can come from social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as a simple email like Gmail or an advertisement that appears on the screen and you allow them to log in or accept the publication.

      According to its structure

      The data according to its structure they can come in an organized or disorganized way, that is, from the same site or from both sites.

      What is the importance of Big Data?

      L' importance of Big Data is to transform testimonials into ideas. It is a discipline mixed with science, that is, with artificial intelligence.

      Advantages and disadvantages of Big Data

      I advantages of Big Data are numerous but some of them are: the management of change, the improvement of the competitiveness of companies, the consumption of drinking water which could be reduced by up to 40%, the anticipation of problems, the transformation of data into knowledge, decision support through automatic algorithms and cost reduction.

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      - disadvantages of Big Data are that now the human being has no privacy, with no social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others; With these social networks, a series of personal and private data are collected and stored in order to be able to manipulate, control, guide you to a destination that reaches the company that buys your data.

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