What are Candy Crush Sugar Stars and what are they for? How do I get them?

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Candy Crush , one of the games with the highest number of fans and ratings that has existed at the moment and which transcends even the games di most popular puzzles of our time. What makes him so attractive? Recent updates, yes is offered to win sugar stars , how can they be obtained? Pay attention to this article, because we will explain to you in a simple but agile way to win them.

What generates more fun in this application is the fact that it is not an impossible game, everyone from 6 years of age can manage to beat and pass the levels. Also very tempting is the fact that it doesn't seem to have an end, many players have beaten more than three thousand levels, all with their own distinctive feature.

How to play Candy Crush?

The way to play with this application is very simple. Touch a colored candy, combining at least three of the same color horizontally or vertically to eliminate them. Now, making matches greater than 4, you will get special candies.

These special candies, depending on the direction you combine them (horizontally 4 or 5, vertical 4 or 5, or "L" shaped) they will automatically generate candy with lines (which eliminates in the direction of them), candies in the case (when they explode in the next combination 3 round candies), or multicolored candies (which when combined with at least one candy in any direction, will explode all its equals on the board).

By combining these special candies, you will get advantages during the movements and thus you will reach the objectives set at each level; Example: If you combine a candy with lines and a multicolored candy, you will convert all the candies of that color into the same with lines, eliminating many lines on the board.

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When you start playing, you will have five lives at your disposal, which you won't lose if you win on the first try. However, like all games, you can discover tricks to easily replenish all your lives and continue with the fun.

What are Candy Crush Sugar Stars?

Sugar stars are obtained reaching the goals in points . Previously, Gold Stars were earned by reaching match point goals. Now, by reaching the gold stars and earning even more points, you will get sugar stars, which they will generate extra recognition as you go through each level on the map.

The stars are hidden in the levels, a unless you hit the highest scores , you will not be able to visualize the pleasure of obtaining these stars. You can get them at the lower levels. If you want to get recognition in the Candy Crush community, try to win them in the easier levels, you will achieve this goal.

How Do I Get Candy Crush Sugar Stars?

An easy way to pass each level is recognize patterns and the colorful candy sequences and objectives set at each level; Whether it's clearing out jellies, gathering ingredients, popping popcorn, collecting a minimal amount of combinations or specific colored candies.

Each simple or special combination, you will generate points and thus reach the goal much faster in points; It will also help you learn how to make colorful bombs to earn more points. These will fill the bar to reach the gold stars. Earning super points or by surpassing the gold stars, it will be replaced by a blue bar that will earn the desired sugar stars.

Warning, sugar stars will not always be active, I recommend you try get super high score and you will see how the desirable sugar stars jump. If you see that this is not happening, don't worry, the stars will not be active at that time. Keep enjoying this fun game.

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Bottom line, this game frequently loads new updates, you can even play it from your computer. Stay tuned for updates and enjoy healthier and more fun game that challenges your visual skills, in the end you will enjoy exercising your mind.

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