What are compressed file extensions and what are they for?

To all of us who are always on our computers and smart devices, there has never come a time when we come across several compressed files, especially if we jointly participate in several file downloads through the use of the Internet or through the transfer of data.

Well, these compressed files can sometimes have so called "extensions" which are usually known when a user associates it with a completely different software from the original file, find out here everything about the extensions of compressed files.

What is an extension?

It is known that a compressed file is one or more files that are put together into one and this way the weight of all files in total decreases a bit, leaving more storage space, but what are the extensions of these files?

So, each of the nomenclatures these files can carry is known, these can be seen next to the name you gave the file.

These nomenclatures have a maximum of four letters that go immediately after a period. They are of vital importance recognize with which program this tablet has occurred or simply try to deduce the characteristics it has.

What are these file extensions for?

Specifically, these extensions they help our operating system to know what kind of content can be found in said file, not only that, but also to try to know what it is and above all to try to know with what kind of program it should be to open it when you double click on it .

Unlike the name, which we can change at will whenever we want, the nomenclature of the extensions should not be changed, as would disable the file.

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What types of file extensions exist?

There are several extensions , for this we will show you the most common ones, together with the program with which you should unzip it on your mobile or PC.


This is one of the oldest formats of all and is currently exclusive to computer use only. It must be open with programs such as OpenUp o Stuffit.


Arj is a flexible feature format that came out in the 90's, sadly it's slow decompression which is why it's currently deprecated . Unzipped with 7 ZIP OR PeaZIP.


These along with .hqx, are currently generic and have a great compression capability, they need to become binary. For Mac devices it is not necessary to use a program, but for other systems it is ideal to use PeaZip.


ZIP It is one of the standard extensions of Windows and DOS, it is really fast but with less compression than many others. It is unzipped via WinRAR or 7-ZIP. You can also open or send a ZIP file via WhatsApp


Unlike .zip, it is ad high speed when compressed, but it is slow to perform. It is also one of the most used today. It is unzipped via programs such as WinRAR, WinZip, 7-ZIP or iZIP, the latter if you are using Mac.


It has an excellent compression and decompression ratio, it is also very fast and highly compatible with long names. It is unzipped with programs such as WinACE , Windows Commander e PCTools.

.uu o .uue

It is very common to find these extensions in email , convert binary files to text and 7 bits. The WinRAR or WinZip program is used, but it can usually run automatically.

.gz o gzip

Used in PC and UNIX files, it has a deflate algorithm, which manages to combine huffman and LZ77 encoding. It is unzipped using freeware and shareware, such as spread , coldcompress e freezeit.

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.sit o .sitx

This is an extension of the Stuffit program, which is very versatile as well ha also a considerably good compression rate . It is unzipped using programs such as Stuffit Deluxe or Stuffit Expander for Windows.


This extension is exclusively for MacOS devices and is unzipped without the need for special programs or applications.

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