What are EAP files and how do i open one? - Free Online

Do you have EAP files but can't open them on your computer or device? If you are interested in accessing the content of these files online for free, don't worry because in this article you will learn what are EAP files and how do i open one? - Free Online

What are EAP files?

"EAP" stands for "Enterprise Architect Project" and refers to a type of file created by Sparx Systems. EAP files allow you to save exposure, gamma correction, and image shift values.

In fact, these file types are essential for using tools like dodge, sponge and many more in Photoshop as it is responsible for saving everything.

Typically, EAP files can be opened by applications such as "Adobe Photoshop" or "Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE)" from the same company that created the EAP format.

Attributes of EAP files

The EAP extension can be thought of as a "configuration file" in Adobe Photoshop Exposure File. For the “Enterprise Architect Project” application, on the other hand, EAP files are part of the “data files” category.

Now that you know what EAP files are, you may be wondering, how can I open one online for free? You should know that these files are compatible with various Windows and Mac OS applications. They can also be viewed from the Android platform using a tool for this purpose. As you will see, it is possible to work with EAP files as well as we can open files with the IPA extension, so EAP plays a vital role in some applications.

What are EAP files and how do i open one? - Free Online

Can I open EAP files online for free? Typically, EAP files require a specific application to view their content. But if you don't have the two tools that allow you to open this type of file (Enterprise Architect or Adobe Photoshop) you can choose two options that we present to you below.

With AutoDesk Viewer you can open EAP files Online for free

«AutoDesk Viewer» is a powerful file viewer which will allow you to open EAP files Online for free. To use this tool, go to the Auto Desk Viewer website. Then click "Start Viewing" and sign up for an account.

Once registered on the site, press «Start viewing» and log in with your new account. Then, press the "Upload File" button and choose one of the options to upload it to AutoDesk Viewer: via the cloud, by dragging and dropping the file or by selecting the file on your hard drive.

Use the "File Viewer Lite" viewer

'File Viewer Lite' is a free viewer you will find on the Internet to open EAP files. This tool supports more than 150 file formats and can be used in Windows from version XP and above.

Just as some applications are capable of opening files in TIFF format, with File Viewer Lite you will be able to open EAP files for free without any inconvenience.


You just need to access the official website of the File Viewer Lite application. Then, press the «Free Download» button and wait for the application to download. Once you have finished downloading the program to view the files, run the installer and wait a few seconds for the installation process to complete.

Open the EAP file with the "File Viewer Lite" tool

Find the "File Viewer Lite" application on your desktop or click on the start menu. Then, select the «All applications» section and choose the program you just installed on your PC. Immediately, you will see a new window with a series of tabs and a workspace.

Click on the "File" menu and select the "Open" option. Locate the EAP file on your hard drive and press the "Open" button. In this way you will be able to access the contents of the EAP file which is normally executed with "Enterprise Architect" or "Adobe Photoshop".

Can I open EAP files Online for free on Mac or Android devices?

It's possible use the "File Viewer Lite" tool on a Mac computer and mobile devices with Android platform. The official website of the application provides links for users to access the installation package.

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