What are Google Chrome hidden pages and how to activate them?

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Through the following guide you will we will teach what are the hidden pages of Google Chrome and how to activate them . Undoubtedly, here you will find some options that could be very useful to you, such as showing the web visited in Google Chrome first in the address bar and others just as interesting.

What are the hidden pages of Google Chrome and how to activate them?

The hidden pages of Google Chrome refer to some options that are not present in the browser settings. In fact, all of these options they are hidden and experimental. Even so, some of them are very interesting and will allow us to activate useful options that we would not otherwise be able to access.

  • Accessing this section of the Chrome browser is very simple, just type " chrome: // flags / "in the address bar and press Submit . Doing the above will show all hidden browser options.
  • If you want to activate one, simply click on the modifier options and select " Qualified However, be aware that everything that appears here is completely experimental and could break the stability of the browser.

Better functionality in the hidden pages of Google Chrome

The options present in the hidden pages of Google Chrome I'm in English , therefore it could be difficult to navigate among the infinite proposals present. For that reason, we're going to introduce you to some of the more outstanding options featured in this hidden menu

Force dark mode for web content

It is undoubtedly one of the coolest features within the hidden pages of Google Chrome. If you enable this option, the browser will work in dark mode , which can be very convenient for protecting your eyesight and sometimes even for saving battery life if you have a device with an OLED / AMOLED screen.

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Smooth scrolling

If you notice that while you are moving down a page, the movement is approximate and not very smooth, activating this option may be convenient. This option makes scrolling around the page a lot more comfortable and fluid . However, many people don't notice the difference once this mode is activated.

Heavy advertising intervention

Clearly installing an ad blocker is not a bad idea, however, you should know that Google Chrome already has an ad blocker by default. More specifically, Google Chrome has a system that can help block those annoying ads .

Either way, this option goes a little further, as it tries to help with those pages that display ads or open windows in a discriminatory way. If you constantly see this problem, you can try to activate this option within the hidden pages of Google Chrome.

Enable player mode

This option is undoubtedly recommended for those people who constantly read content through their computer. As the name of this option indicates, is a reading mode that you can activate through the hidden pages of Google Chrome.

This mode shrinks the text area of ​​the pages to so you don't have to move your head too much and don't get too tired while reading.

Enable lazy loading of images

Google Chrome usually loads pages in their entirety, but we don't always see all the content stored in it. This is where this option is born, with which not all the content will be loaded and only those will be loaded pictures you see and get off on the page.

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Enable LiteVideos

Internet speeds have increased exponentially in recent years, however, if you are one of the less fortunate ones, i.e. those with a slow connection, this option might be convenient.

By enabling this option within the hidden pages of Google Chrome, the browser will notify the website that your Internet speed is not very good and will load the videos with a more basic quality .

On the other hand, in addition to all of the above, we can also access other options such as preventing web pages from reloading by themselves. Undoubtedly, this menu presents us with very interesting options for all types of use.

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