What are the alternative options to Google Adsense to monetize websites?

Have good alternative options to Google Adsense to monetize websites offers other ways to generate profit. Although AdSense is a great tool that exponentially improves the reputation of the platform.

This Google product has several tools to get money through advertising on web pages, using for example ad units.

While this is the usual business plan, it's important to note that there are other profitable propositions which can be consulted. Everything is subject to the conditions and policies of each company.

Many users have reported problems getting their blog or pages verified by the platform, so knowing other formats is essential. It is also a way to diversify production methods. This can happen because your website doesn't comply with Google AdSense policies, so it's important that you review it beforehand.

      Why should I consult other alternative options to Google Adsense to monetize websites?

      While that's true, Google AdSense has been the best way to monetize pages online, however, having other tools in mind can be very helpful. These are pages like YouTube that take advantage of the publication of ads on their videos.

      They can also opt for better contracts or generate more money. Experts singled out 22 alternative platforms to the leader in ad serving due to their safety, security and good monetization rates.

      These are the best alternative options to Google Adsense to monetize websites

      Do you want to increase your earnings? In this article are the best alternative options to Google Adsense to monetize websites, among them are the following:


      This platform is one of the leaders in the fields of contextual advertising. It is characterized by being the second to generate the highest revenue from contextual ads across the network.

      Pay per click advertising is shown on search engines such as Bing and Yahoo, two of the main ones. While targeting is done via search terms using keywords.

      As a publisher, users will have the tools to customize the look of the ad to match the color scheme and overall design. Also available one of the biggest support to solve any problem.

      It is important to note that the user must mainly use English and earnings range from $100 USD to $350 USB via PayPal.


      This is another publisher network well known and highly trusted , it can be said that it is a platform division of AOL. Its use is focused on logging in, registering on the web, creating ads and starting monetization.

      This is one of the best Google Adsense alternative options for monetizing websites, as it works with the biggest brands and allows choice of ads. Its interface is intuitive, so no advanced knowledge is required.

      Its only drawback is that due to the high quality offers, the approval process for publishers can take days or even weeks. The language of the website can be used in different languages. Payment methods, so far, focus on issuing checks , direct deposit or PayPal wire transfers. The minimum payout is $25 USD .

      Add cash

      One of the most important points is that the platform has more than 200 million subscribers, so the investments and propositions are very good. Most ad formats are supported: from premium units such as pop-under, interstitial and in-stream video to display ads.

      information links

      Many users refer to this tool for the availability of interactive videos and advertising banners of any kind. Most of these proposals are characterized by being of international stature.

      A very interesting aspect is that it does not require an installation fee, nor minimum requirements for page visits Users will be able to receive payments via PayPal, bank transfer, eCheck, Western Union and Payoneer, i withdrawals can be made from USD $50 .

      Before working with Google AdSense it is important to know where your blog or website appears in Google, with this information you will know how popular it was to start working with Google AdSense.

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