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When in doubt, the Windows operating system has become the most used operating system in the world due to its ease of management and convenience of locate whatever you are looking for.

The ability to use Windows Explorer makes it easy to get to any file quickly , since all the folders of interest are located there, where most of the files that we use on our computer are located.

However, for some more meticulous users, Windows Explorer may be a bit short and prefer to use other slightly more exploratory alternatives.

If you are one of those people or you are simply not convinced by Windows Explorer and are looking for something a little more specialized, in this article we will mention some of the best alternatives to Windows Explorer.

      What is Windows Explorer?

      It is very important to be clear about this term and not to confuse it with the Windows browser - Windows Explorer, which usually happens very frequently.

      Windows Explorer is a Microsoft operating system tool that allows you to organize and manage files and folders on your computer.

      Windows Explorer is divided into three main parts. C drive is the primary drive, which is the hard drive and where all the programs used by the computer are located.

      In second place there are folders , where all file types are stored. Each folder is designed to store a particular type of file, whether it's music, pictures or documents.

      Finally there are the files themselves . These are hosted on the drive mentioned above and are the ones that can be run. These can be of two types: programs, which run by themselves or documents which store some particular information.

      Alternatives to Windows Explorer

      The list of options that fulfill this function of Windows Explorer it is very broad. Some are a little more specialized, others more generic and simple to use.

      The fact is, we will mention a list with the best options in case you want to replace the traditional Windows Explorer.


      It is probably best known for its time and the popularity it has been gaining, as it improves every year to ensure a positive user experience.

      It is totally free and offers many possibilities and features, among which the possibility of being able to work with tabs . So you can move, combine, organize and even delete files in the different open tabs.

      It should be noted that Explorer++ is a portable program , so it can be stored on a USB stick and run on any computer.

      Cubic Explorer

      Another good alternative since it also offers tab support and also includes a file editor and media viewer. It also features of different filters to exclude or add files or folders

      It is a very intuitive and easy to use tool and you can download it completely but it also has a portable version, so you don't have to install it on your PC.


      A simple browser that has and performs all the basic functions for find, sort, manage and delete files and folders . It's totally simple and has a very friendly interface.

      You can locate the files in Windows or any drive that we have connected to the computer. It is also able to find files on the network and it allows us to index and use different filters to simplify our activities.


      Another good alternative to Windows Explorer is Everything . A program with a simple interface thanks to the ease with which we can find and access any file or folder.

      It has a great filter that saves us a lot of time when searching for any type of file, which is quite useful when we have a huge list of disorganized documents and files. Best of all, it can also be downloaded for free.


      A file explorer quite similar to the ones mentioned above. It's free and it also has an installable version and a portable version for the convenience of every user and the user interface is tab-based.

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